Surreal: Brit Hume, Dana Perino, Carl Cameron, Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd all despondent over Cantor’s loss tonight

They seem to forget immigration reform was already passed....in 1986.

Problem is the borders have never been enforced as President Reagan was led to believe would happen by Congressional Democrats and Republicans, only to be stabbed in the back and laughed at.

I cannot believe what I am seeing.  It’s unreal seeing pundits at Fox News and MSNBC look like they are at a funeral.  Brit Hume had a tantrum tonight about Eric Cantor’s loss since now in his words the Republicans will never pass immigration reform and that will hurt them long term.  Newsflash Brit, we already did in 1986.  Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham rightfully took Hume to the cleaners calling out his claim that immigration reform is not amnesty.  Hume was so angry he could be heard muttering on the air “Oh please” at Ingraham when she began to rebut him.

Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd, and the folks at MSNBC know that amnesty is dead and their hope of adding a ton of new voters to the Democratic voter rolls got crushed tonight.  Even amnesty supporting GOP congressmen will not even touch immigration, even in a lame duck session after the mid-term elections are complete.  If President Obama takes executive action to do some time of immigration shenanigans, it will imperil Democrats even more and fire up the conservative base even further.  The only way President Obama signs amnesty legislation is an act of diabolical treachery from John Boehner and enough GOP congressmen.  Could that happen?  Sure.  But a federal politician’s first instinct is to save his job in Washington, second is to be in the party of power.  The GOP House Leadership will have to be watched very closely until the new congress is sworn in when January rolls around.

This is a short diary but this is arguably the greatest Tea Party upset I have ever seen and the GOP establishment (I’m looking at you John Boehner, Jeb Bush, and Mitch McConnell) campaign against the Tea Party got hit with an absolute haymaker tonight.  A sitting Majority House Leader gets taken out in a primary, never having been done before by a challenger, Dave Brat, whose main attack hammer was Eric Cantor’s support for amnesty in the shadows with cryptic statements of support.  The media and the Obama administration cannot spin this without looking absolutely ridiculous.

Conservatives and the Tea Party made history tonight.  I salute the voters in the 7th district of Virginia.

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