Tort Reform Is Not the Answer to Healthcare

    Healthcare reform that involves government interference in any way should not happen.   Maybe the system is broken, maybe it isn’t.   But one thing that will not help the situation is tort reform.    Lawsuits are not the problem. Study after study shows that 5% of all doctors commit 95% of the medical malpractice.   The medical licensing boards refuse to yank the license of these doctors.    Or, | Read More »

    Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Schoolhouse Rock

    The internet went out at home over the weekend.   I experienced mild (okay major) email withdrawal symptoms.   But, all was not lost.   It was the perfect excuse to pop in the Schoolhouse Rock DVD and watch them ALL.   Grammar, math, science, money, the United States.   It was amazing how many songs I remembered.    I still sing some of them in my head when working. Some | Read More »

    Obama’s Very Big Decision

    With the announcement of Justice Souter’s retirement, President Obama faces a big decision.   Given his track record to date on Very Big Decisions, I am not sanguine he will do well with this pick.  He has already set a deadline for the confirmation — he told the White House Press that he wants the person confirmed by the start of the next term.    Obama has also | Read More »

    My Mother — The Radical

    My mother is a good woman.   She taught her children right from wrong.   She and my dad always took us with them to vote so we could see democracy in action.   She watched the news and stayed informed of current events (Let’s discuss the energy crisis).   During the Iranian Hostage Crisis, she sent a Christmas card to the hostages.   But, I think that is the | Read More »

    Organizing to Protest

    As pointed out in numerous posts and diaries, the Left has long been organized to protest just about everything.    There are no “spontaneous” demonstrations.    They have email lists, websites, precinct captains, etc.    That is how they get all those folks out at the drop of a hat.    They know the rules.   They probably have a standard insurance policy good to go at any time.    They | Read More »

    Obama continues to show contempt for military

    The Commander of the American Legion was livid after a meeting with President Obama.   And well he should be.    Obama now wants injured service members — people injured in the line of duty defending this country — to pay for their own medical treatment.   Why?   To generate revenue, of course.   Somehow, this administration has to pay for all the socialization.    So, to cover everyone else’s | Read More »

    One good thing about the snow storm

    I live near DC (I left in order to get representation in Congress.   I have all Dem reps now.   I’m still waiting).   We got hit with a pretty good snowstorm.    Not as bad as expected but enough to close some schools and businesses.   And Congress.   Yep.   No votes today.   Which means they can’t take anymore of my money for at least one day.    Of course, | Read More »

    Yet Another Reason Porkulus is a Bad Idea

    So many reasons, so little time.   But, a new reason has shown up in recent days.    On her first overseas trip as Secretary of State, Secretary Clinton said that human rights concerns regarding China must take a back seat to other issues.    Now, she mentioned climate change (because who cares if China is killing prisoners for their organs as long as no greenhouse gases are | Read More »

    Spiking the Dems Guns

    Okay, they are Dems, so they don’t have guns.    But, they do have arguments, and the Republicans MUST being to start blowing holes in them (because we do have guns).   Now that I have killed that metaphor, let me get to the point. One argument the Dems loved to make in favor of Porkulus was that it was nothing compared to all the money that | Read More »

    This is why experience matters

    If President Obama had spent more than two minutes in the Senate before starting his run for president, he would KNOW how the legislative process works.    He would know that he cannot just say “pass a stimulus bill.”   He would know there is a lot of horsetrading and negotiating and working with others to pass a bill.    He would know that “I won” is not | Read More »