The CitiGroup Bailout-The biggest scam in the entire history of America

    The latest bailout plan by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is destined to go down as the greatest scam in the history of the United States. Just last month CitiGroup was doing so well that they were going to buy Wachovia,by assets the sixth largest bank in the country. According to Reuters,Wachovia held $122 billion dollars in morgages which were “distressed”. In the second quarter of | Read More »

    For the good of the country my a** ! We must destroy the Obama Administration.

    The defeat of John McCain heralds the beginning of an American tragedy. The goal of all Americans,whether conservative Republicans or Clinton Democrats,must be to make certain that Barack Obama will be a one term President. In all my years of observing politics I have never heard a candidate talk about his second term in office before he was even elected for his first term. Obama | Read More »

    Latest voting results from California. Another surprise

    With only three days to go until the election,some very surprising numbers are still coming in from California. They are not matching the polls at all. The most respected polling organization in California is the Field Poll. They have been here for sixty-one years. Their latest poll according to,the website of the largest newspaper in the Silicon Valley,has Barack Obama simply obliterating John McCain | Read More »

    Mr. McCain defend yourself.

    Barack Obama is constantly telling voters that John McCain is as responsible for the economic meltdown as George Bush is. It’s time to fight that charge and use it against Obama as proof of his inexperience. In these last six days John McCain has to point out again and again and again that the economic crisis is world wide. So far,he has failed to emphasize | Read More »

    Michael Malone,do you think we’re stupid?

    The article in ABC News by Michael Malone was terrific. Up until the moment he rationalized that the editors of newspapers were just trying to save their jobs and their pensions so they supported Barack Obama. Don’t believe that nonsense for a second ! If they had truly wanted to revive a dying industry,they would have done the exact opposite of what they did. The | Read More »

    Doesn’t the press have any shame? Obama assassination plot.

    If we needed any more proof how the media favors Obama,all we need to do is read the story by the Associated Press that’s all over the Internet right now. The headline reads, “Feds disrupt skinhead plot to assassinate Obama”. Once you actually read the story it turns out that two kids,one 18 the other 20,had hatched a bizarre plan. First they were going to | Read More »

    Stunning results in early voting in California. Smile redstaters

    California has begun early voting already as well as mail-in balloting. The number of people who have gone in to vote in person has been extensive. The results so far prove what we had always suspected. The polls are being proven as totally unreliable. Although the results of early balloting have not been disclosed,of course,how many Republicans and how many Democrats have voted has been | Read More »

    How two quotes from a Nazi explain the Obama phenomenon

    In 2008 we have seen the media in this country manipulate public opinion as never before. In their eyes Barack Obama can do no wrong. The man who invented propaganda to control public opinion was Joseph Goebbels,Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister. His chilling words sound like CNN in 2008. They also warn us what America will be like in 2009 if Obama is elected. Two quotes | Read More »

    Speech for Sarah Palin on “spreading the wealth around”

    I hope Sarah Palin’s people read redstate diaries.I hope redstate will forgive me for the length of this diary. I would like to submit this for Governor Palin to deliver as a speech. I am a playwright, so I have written it as I would for an actor on stage. Those parts that have parentheses around them are NOT spoken. Those are instructions on what | Read More »

    This is the whopper of the year ! You won’t believe it.

    A story has just broke from the Associated Press that you are simply not going to believe. It just goes to show how cynical and perhaps desperate Obama’s supporters are. According to the story a bookie in Ireland is paying out RIGHT NOW, more than 1,000,000 Euros,which is $1,340,000,to all those who bet on Obama to win the Presidency ! He is so sure of | Read More »