For a Good Laugh Read Jamie Rubin’s WSJ editorial

    He tries to say that Obama has unnerved Chavez amongst other dicatators and that he has strengthened alliances even saying supporting the “mild resolution” against Israel was a good idea.   I think it is a good thing he is now in academia, I wish a certain idiot in the White House was still in academia.

    Obama Support VS Palin Support

    I wonder if the leftstream media will do any articles on how badly Obama supported candidates have done especially in contrast to how well Palin supported candidates have done.   You betcha, Sarah didn’t illegally offer any jobs either.

    The Republican Leadership doesn’t have the guts to repeal it!

    When was the last time you heard anyone in the Republican Congressional Leadership mention repealing OBAMACARE?  As unpopular as Obamacare is, the Republicans could be scoring lay up after lay up on this one issue alone.  Instead they simply have forgotten about it or talk about amending it.  They should introduce bills to repeal it on a constant basis not talk about conservative adjustments to | Read More »

    Valor Creep

    I think that should be the new nickname for Dick Blumenthal (flower valley).  It works both as a verb and a noun.  As a verb it describes what he did and as a noun it describes what he is.  You might add despicable to the front end.

    Cornyn Already Caving on Repealing Obamacare

    We are just wasting our time trying to get these idiots to act like conservatives.  They aren’t and they have proven it again and again.

    Time for a third party [Comments closed.]

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this and believe me I understand the multitude of problems for a third party in our two party system, but how can it be any worse?  Yes, the Republicans might win in November perhaps even take both houses, though the Senate will likely take until 2012.  But what does that get us?  Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, McCain?  I mean these | Read More »

    Card Check health care style

    I may have missed it, but I have not seen any stories about how the Democrats (that includes many Rinos) propose to check whether or not someone has health insurance.  However they do it.  It will be intrusive. I think this is a key aspect of the whole debate that is being ignored.   I mean are they going to have the IRS check? Will it | Read More »

    I’m disgusted

    There are many things this administration has done which I have found egregious, the GM and Chrysler takeovers (thefts), the (soft) treatment of terrorists, and that idiotic Porkulus bill come to mind quickly.  There are many others, but I won’t list them here. However, nothing comes close to the level of disgust I have for Obama’s (Cinco de quatro’s) policy towards the current situation in | Read More »

    Governor, Senator, President?

    One Chicago pol is already out.  A second looks like he is on his way?  Can we be so lucky as to have a third corrupt Chicago pol resign?  Heck the second one is probably going to resign over some low five figure corruption. While we know that more than $300K was involved in the third one’s dealing with a convicted criminal. There is also | Read More »

    Dreaming of a Nay vote!

    With the news that Mary Jo’s killer was returning home to his sickbed, all we need to do is one more no vote.  Presuming of course that Harry tReidson cannot convince another Republican to vote for this horrible bill.  And the news that Sen Gregg has come back to the Senate increasing the pressure on the three stooges (Snowe, Specter and Collins, I have a | Read More »