Liberalism and Catholicism Don’t Mix

    I am continually struck by the number of people in this country who continue to try and be liberal and Catholic. It just flies in the face of any sort of common sense. You can not be both. The liberal agenda in this country is so far away from the values one should hold as a Catholic. Yet liberals love to try and co-opt Jesus, | Read More »

    Boehner, GOP Stumble on Dems Sacred Cow

    The near shutdown of the federal government has perhaps shown the GOP-led House of Representatives the way to pass any future spending bill until they take back the other branches of the government. Follow me on this one for a second. The Democrats initially refused any spending cuts in the budget, pushing us closer and closer to the shutdown. It wasn’t until late Friday when | Read More »

    The Man Child and the Mad Man

    Did you happen to see President Obama’s speech on Libya last night. I refused to watch it as I feel my brain cells die every time he opens his mouth. If it sounded as dumb as it reads then I am sorry for anyone who sat through it. But let’s investigate the adminstrations waffling and ineptitude. I missed Meet the Press this weekend, should have | Read More »

    America’s Chihuahua In Chief

    On April 9, 1986, Ronald Reagan called Moammar Qaddafi, “The Mad Dog of the Middle East”. Yesterday, his successor couldn’t even be bothered to name the man accused of strafing his own citizens with the military assets of their own country. Yet Barack Obama always tries to push some sort of connection to Reagan. It makes me want to vomit every time I hear someone | Read More »

    Who Won’t Get Credit For Change In Middle East?

    I’m starting this discussion by ignoring the dissonance of whether it was right or wrong for the US to initiate combat in Iraq. I thought it was then and I think it was now. Regardless of all of that in the last month we have seen populist uprisings all through Northern Africa and the Middle East. I don’t think it is coincidental that as Iraq | Read More »