I'm a former officer in the US Navy and current project manager in a research organization. I've followed politics since I helped go door to door for Barry Goldwater in 1964, and I've been an avid reader of WFB, George Will and others since high school.


    Immigration is the Tipping Point

    In the past several years, Congress has written some incredibly bad legislation – the Stimulus, PPACA and the Senate’s attempts at immigration reform are part of the highlight (lowlight?) reel of recent horrors from Congress. Now we hear that immigration reform might be in for another grand push from all sides. No less a political luminary than Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame is calling it | Read More »

    Using Reagan’s Approach to Solve the Impasse

    It’s really apparent from all the back and forth that is going on between the House, Senate and the President that nothing will be done because of the egos involved and the worry about who gets the credit. So a modest suggestion here for the RS folks that are more adept than I in new media: — Use a politically neutral social media site to | Read More »

    Preparation, Selection, Election and Governance

    Our republic is built on the idea that we, the people, voluntarily elect leaders to make a large number of decisions for us so that we have the time and energy to pursue our own ideas of success and prosperity.  We grant these leaders power through our orderly process of elections, and it works well – even with its shortcomings. Our country has developed a | Read More »

    MIsplaced Anger

    From the posts here at Red State, it is obvious that many people are angry with Speaker Boehner as he attempts to avert the combined effects of the expiration of the Bush era tax rates and the failure of previous negotiations which resulted in the creation of the sequestration of funds.  Clearly he does bear responsibility for much of the road that got us to | Read More »

    Stop Negotiating and Pass a Bill

    The fundamental error in the drama unfolding before us about the fiscal cliff is that there is a mismatch in negotiations:  The House Republicans are negotiating to bring about an end to the fiscal crisis, while the Democrats in the Senate and the White House are negotiating the terms of the surrender of capitalism and the full bore onset of redistributive socialism.  In essence, there | Read More »

    I’m Not Interested In Rand Paul — Or Anyone Else — Right Now

    I am not “interested” in Rand Paul and whether he is “interested” in running for President. I am not interested in any person who is making the preliminary kabuki-dance-like moves of ‘testing a candidacy’ or ‘exploring the viability’ of a run for the Presidency in 2016. I am not interested in what pundits are saying about anyone’s chances for 2016, nor am I interested in | Read More »

    Something Weird This Way Came

    Having been a participant in Red State for some time, and having become a bit more active as a result, I was again motivated to take part in the local precinct and county-wide process with the Republican Party this year. I’m not a political professional by any stretch, but I figured I could make my own small contribution through my presence.  Today’s political convention was | Read More »


    This is No Way to Run An Election

    Since the day after the 2010 elections, I have been bombarded with mailings and phone calls from the Republican National Committee seeking my support in the campaign to defeat President Obama in 2012. I am 100% committed to that goal. I am also 85% dissatisfied with the way that the process has been conducted.  And it seems to get worse with each election cycle. My | Read More »

    Liberals Continue to Confuse Revenue with Tax Rates — So What Else is New?

    In today’s New York Times, their editorial staff is urging the President to raise taxes.  No surprise, there, even if they are slightly Constitutionally challenged — it is the House of Representatives that gives birth to taxes, not the President. They start off their assertion with a real bang: A week later and we are still amazed at how the Republicans in Congress pulled it | Read More »

    Two Reasons Why This Isn’t Just About the Debt Ceiling

    We are all rightly focused on the efforts of Speaker Boehner and the Republicans to deal with the debt ceiling and deficit.  We are all caught up in the bargaining back and forth and whether one side or the other is losing the fight over gaining control over spending at the federal level.  Sometimes, though, we lose focus on the real issue — the federal | Read More »