Even the Chicago Tribune Gets It!

(H/T to Instapundit)

When things are so bad that a major metropolitan daily is advocating massive voter participation to sweep people from office, that’s news.  When it’s the Chicago Tribune that’s nothing short of amazing.

Here’s a slice that is right in line with recent posts on RedState:

Together, the Feb. 2 primary and Nov. 2 general elections can — must, if Illinois is to liberate itself from this predicament — constitute The Revolution of 2010. To make that happen, though, each of us needs to shoulder a sword.

We need not only to educate ourselves and then vote for the best candidates on those two Election Days. We also need to create the informed buzz, and make the one-on-one personal outreaches, that will bring our family members and friends to the polls.

As Glenn says, “read the whole thing.”  The call to action is right on target.

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