I'm a former officer in the US Navy and current project manager in a research organization. I've followed politics since I helped go door to door for Barry Goldwater in 1964, and I've been an avid reader of WFB, George Will and others since high school.


    To the Public Drowning in Debt, The President Tosses an Anvil

    Not Content with $5T added to the National Debt, The President Wants to Spend More Fox News is reporting that the President’s State of the Union Address will call for more spending on infrastructure and highways to help us become more competitive in the global economy. And all along, I thought that the ‘shovel ready’ projects of the Stimulus were supposed to be doing that | Read More »

    Substance over Style: Things the 112th Congress Should Do

    And What We Need to Do to Support Them The new session of Congress has just begun, and Speaker Boehner and the Republican Majority are off to a great start. The shooting in Tucson, the forced ‘lesson’ about the ‘toxic rhetoric’ and call for unity now being trumpeted by the media and the Democrats are attempts to deflect the Republicans and move the agenda back | Read More »

    Eleven Things to Do to be Ready for ’12

    The election of 2010 is behind us, and we have much to be thankful for by its results — but thousands of words written here and elsewhere show that the 2010 battle is but the start of a long campaign to restore our country. The next battles are in ‘off year’ elections in the various states, mostly for local offices.  These races are important and | Read More »

    Lunch Ladies to Serve Dinner??? Where Does this End?

    Congress seems to have a lot on their plate — literally.  The House recently passed a bill that EXPANDS the school lunch program to one that serves dinner, available in all 50 States. The Bill is a result of the Ms. Obama’s efforts to end childhood obesity. Like all things with good intentions, this bill goes off the rails pretty quickly. One of the main | Read More »

    Lesson for 2012: The President is the Leader of a Team

    We’re seeing the impact of the lack of leadership and management experience — and it isn’t good! H/T PajamasMedia “Dismal Jobs Numbers Expose a Leaderless White House on Economic Policy” by Richard Pollock. All through the 2008 Presidential Campaign, there were articles in the conservative press and blogs questioning the leadership and management experience of Senator Obama.  Many felt that his relatively light experience in | Read More »

    Pence Ponders Profoundly on Presidency

    After reading this, I like Mike even more! Representative Mike Pence delivered a speech at Hillsdale College on September 20, 2010, and the speech is reprinted in the October issue of their monthly magazine Imprimis. You really need to read the whole thing– it is a masterful speech and full of solid understanding of history and the Constitution.  And it is flat out eloquent and | Read More »

    Let’s Talk about the Presidential Primaries — and give them a “Tea Party” twist

    We’ve successfully completed the 2010 election cycle, and it seems that already we’re ankle deep in the process for 2012.  Before the tide comes in any higher, I’d like to offer an observation and a new way of looking at the Primaries. I’ve been following politics for a long time — deep into the last millennium.  The quadrennial challenge of getting the nominations for the | Read More »

    The President’s Car

    The President seems fixated on automobiles lately.  It must have something to do with having nationalized what was once the pride of American Industry. In any event, he has used a metaphor comparing the economy to a car as he has stumped all over the country for Democrats running for the House and Senate.  He blames the Republicans for running the car (the economy) into | Read More »

    Great Expectations

    “Is this a great country, or what?” This expression is used by comedians and pundits as a punch line to an endless array of stories that show the slight wackiness of the way things work in this country — things like high school dropouts that become millionaires, or  movie stars and celebrities that do absolutely senseless things and get away with them. But the fact | Read More »

    We The People or Just Another Mob

    Since the first Tea Party last April, I have been energized by the idea that ordinary citizens have become more alert and engaged in the political process — the grass roots involvement of contacting their Representatives, attending Town Hall meetings and rallying for and against various Bills before Congress. This new activity seems to resonate with our history, and the link to our founders seems | Read More »