I'm a former officer in the US Navy and current project manager in a research organization. I've followed politics since I helped go door to door for Barry Goldwater in 1964, and I've been an avid reader of WFB, George Will and others since high school.


    The Third Element — Making Sure the Election Results are True

    Cold Warrior has been laser-focused and relentless in his passion to reform the Republican Party from within. Others have been equally energetic and effective in getting us at RedState ‘off the couch’ and getting folks involved, especially in getting people to the polls.  The results in the primaries show significant changes are happening all around the country.  These two elements are essential to restoring our | Read More »

    “Spreading the Wealth Around”

    In his legendary encounter with Joe the Plumber, Candidate Obama expressed a preference to ‘spread the wealth around,’ showing a  brief glimpse and clear warning what his administration would be focused upon. I’ve found a classic example of how the administration is continuing its process of rewarding friends and punishing enemies.  It’s called the Community Development Capital Initiative (CDCI), which having been established for over | Read More »

    How Stupid Do They Think We Are — Episode 3,456

    h/t  The Corner, National Review Online The debate about extending the “Bush Era” tax cuts is taking some serious turns of late.  According to Daniel Foster, writing in The Corner, Speaker Pelosi is leaving some wiggle room for extending the cuts without limitations for those above $250K/year. Amazing what happens when 31 Democrats, sensing doom, tell their boss that they’re not following her lead.  Good | Read More »

    Another Obamacare Surprise — A Real Estate Tax?

    h/t  Canada Free Press The Democrats in Congress have been caught in another grand theft through Obamacare. This time, it’s taxing Real Estate transactions —  starting in 2013  there is a 3.8% tax on all real estate sales effective in 2013 according to tax expert Paul Guppy in an article in Spokesman Review entitled “Health Law’s Heavy Impact.” So the financial experts that were beginning | Read More »

    The Remarkable Difference Between Europe and the USA

    We have been rallying those that read RedState to oppose the Obama agenda by likening it to European style socialism, with its tight control of medical care and private enterprise.  For a lot of Americans who don’t pay attention to what goes on in Europe, or what the current mindset of the European leadership is, today brought a terrific example to study and understand. This | Read More »

    Spy Swap Shows Seriously Shallow Foreign Policy

    The whole business of Anna Chapman and her cohorts is a bit of a mystery in itself.  We’re told that the FBI had been tracking these folks for years, patiently gathering awareness of their actions and intent. And then Wham! Bam! they’re swooped up, charged, and convicted through guilty pleas.  So far so good.  But wait!  They’re put on a chartered jet within hours and | Read More »

    “The People’s Seat” version 2.0

    As I have read the articles leading up to the confirmation hearings for Ms. Kagan, and now listened to her testimony before the Senate, the various reporters and pundits have referred to the position she is to fill as “Justice Stevens’ seat” or “the liberal seat” on the Court, conveying the idea that there must be some sort of designation attached to the seat. It | Read More »

    Politics is War By Other Means

    There is a classic book, “On War” by Carl von Clausewitz, written in the early 1800s, which makes a number of observations about war that stand the test of time.  In fact, the book is a standard part of the curricula for US military leaders.  In the book, his most famous axiom is that “War is politics by other means,” by which he meant that | Read More »

    Sailing Ships and Master Craftsmen

    I was listening to the Mark Levin Radio show this evening (It’s OK, I also listen to Erick live in the AM when he’s on the Macon Station), and a couple of phrases he spilled out during one of his passionate rants got me thinking, so I have to give credit to his show for making me think a little bit.  When he was on | Read More »

    The President’s Other “Quote of the Week”

    H/T to National Review from the Corner, Thursday April 29. Everyone has already made the relevant points about the President’s quote about making enough money. There’s no need to spill any more ink over that remark. But earlier this week, while speaking to reporters on Air Force One, he had more bits of discourse that reflect his thinking in pretty interesting ways.  From The Corner, | Read More »