Obamacare, Baby Boomers and Karma

    We all know Obamacare is a disaster which will permanently change the nature of our society for the worse and put us on the fast track to becoming a European socialist toilet but… …now that the baby boom generation, the worst in history, is getting older and will be needing hip replacements, knee replacements, pacemakers, etc., it will be an interesting exercise in irony to | Read More »

    URGENT: Immediate Action If We Are To Save The Conservative Movement

    For those of you still in denial of how dire the condition of the Conservative movement has become, now Meagan McCain is considering leaving the Republican party. I wish that was a joke, but no…no it isn’t.  I have this from a couple of sources (Daily Beast, Breitbart).  If we don’t get our act together as a party, and I mean FAST, John McCain’s daughter | Read More »

    Here’s how the Journolists tried to fool us today

    So I’m reading about Sarah Palin’s speech in Wisconsin today, which was brilliant by the way.  I think the question has been answered because this sounded like a campaign speech to me. Anyway the liberal hack reporter for the Associated Press, some joker named Todd Richmond, of course littered the article with the usual “subtle suggestions” intended to slant the narrative in the “correct” manner | Read More »