Obamacare, Baby Boomers and Karma

We all know Obamacare is a disaster which will permanently change the nature of our society for the worse and put us on the fast track to becoming a European socialist toilet but…

…now that the baby boom generation, the worst in history, is getting older and will be needing hip replacements, knee replacements, pacemakers, etc., it will be an interesting exercise in irony to watch the most selfish generation in the history of mankind hear the word “NO” for the first time in their slovenly, self-indulgent lives.  “You can’t have that surgery…you’re too old now.  It’s too expensive.  You have to…sacrifice…for the greater good of course”.  After a lifetime of parasitical self-obsession, they will hear this from a panel of government bureaucrats empowered by the legislative culmination of their generational legacy.

At least we have that to look forward to.

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