A Decade After 9/11

    By Ilario Pantano Thank you to the families, including my own. Is this as close to victory as we are ever going to get?” I wondered aloud as I absorbed the headlines. I’ve been struggling with that question, and perhaps you have too. But I have drawn some conclusions: Today, we may all feel like SEALs, but the credit doesn’t go to our military or | Read More »

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    A Counterpoint To The Leftist Attacks On Ilario Pantano

    Pantano’s courageous military service has been maliciously mischaracterized during this election. The Left’s efforts to smear Pantano based upon erroneous and twisted information is downright unAmerican. They show more tolerance to our enemies than they have ever shown toward our own troops. There is an obvious political motivation for attacking Pantano’s military record, because all the evidence screams the truth and yet they still choose to ignore it.

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    A Mosque At Ground Zero? Forsaking Israel? What’s Next…A Nuclear Iran?

    By Ilario Pantano, Republican Candidate for Congress, NC-07 June 17, 2010 Also published at The Daily Caller and “Cordoba Center” sounds comfortably Latino and almost familiar in a multi-ethnic city like New York.  The name’s Spanish origin has a little bit of history too: the Cordoba Mosque in Spain symbolized a gateway to Muslim conquest of Western Europe – a conquest that today is | Read More »

    Don’t ask how much it costs to repeal ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’

    Sunday at 4PM, Moe Lane interviewed Ilario Pantano, a former USMC officer currently running for Congress in North Carolina’s seventh district (see Meet Ilario Pantano R, NC-07).  At the end of that interview, Pantano dropped a bomb on a presently controversial topic:  ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’.  He exposed an incriminating money trail of radical Leftist groups underwriting the DADT repeal campaign! This was far more | Read More »