Is Rossi getting… Rossi’d? Don’t Lose Focus On Washington

    The counting of ballots continues in Washington State where Sen. Patty Murray bitterly clings to an extremely narrow lead over challenger Dino Rossi. Both campaigns have declared they feel “confident” that they will become victors. However, if you’re familiar with this state’s fraudulent 2004 gubernatorial election, the Murray campaign has plenty of reasons to be confident. Six years ago Rossi fought a tough campaign against then-Attorney | Read More »

    Rossi Announces In Online Video

    Dino Rossi formally announced his candidacy in Washington’s GOP Senate primary this morning with an online video asking for support to “defeat an establishment that stands for politics as usual.” I brought both parties together to balance the budget without raising taxes, while still protecting the most vulnerable in our society.  I did it by seeking out a fiscally conservative majority, rather than a partisan | Read More »

    The GOP’s Giannoulias

    From the diaries by Erick You may recall Alexi Giannoulias–Illinois’ Democrat US Senate candidate, friend of Barack Obama and Tony Rezko, and banker to the mob. The NRSC was quick to put out an effective YouTube spot highlighting his shady connections, which hopefully cast some doubts in the electorate about his suitability to serve (not that shady dealings prevented other Illinois politicians from winning high | Read More »

    There’s No Such Thing As A Pro-Life Democrat

    Many Republicans have known this for a long time, but given the focus on Rep. Bart Stupak’s “pro-life” coalition and its role in giving Pelosi the votes necessary to push through the health care deform bill, it’s worth revisiting: There’s no such thing as a pro-life Democrat. Consider this exchange between Stupak and a constituent at a town hall meeting in Cheboygan, Mich., on October | Read More »

    “Don’t Be Evil*”

    Google’s corporate motto suggests an almost altruistic mission.  However, the reality is much different from the brand’s manicured image. Recently here at RedState, ericathunderpaws wrote an open letter to Google outlining its censorship of search results critical of Islam, statist politics and the Chinese government.  But this week, the New York Times brought to light the fact that Google doesn’t only use it’s overwhelming power to | Read More »

    Scott Brown and Lessons for 2010

    In the run-up to last month’s Senate special election in Massachusetts, conservatives across the country rallied around a Republican candidate vowing to restore fiscal responsibility and defeat ObamaCare.  His message resonated with independents and Democrats alike, who joined with commonwealth Republicans to send a clear message to Washington by marking the ballot for Scott Brown.   RedState readers were a vital component to our success in flipping | Read More »