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    27 Days

    From the diaries, by Erick Well, we’re 27 days away from a new year. The year. The year we’ve been talking about for 14 months. I have a question for you. What are you prepared to do? Are you going to just sit by, worry, be anxious and complain about how everything is being messed up in our country? Or are you going to do | Read More »


    Two Historic Dates, Three American Presidents

    During the past week, we have witnessed two notable events which have swelled the hearts of Americans in patriotic pride and reminded us of our days of national resolve. The first event happened in New York. Last week, I watched with pride as the USS New York arrived in New York City for her commissioning ceremony.  One couldn’t help but be moved as this massive | Read More »

    An Irate, Tireless Minority: What the Republican Party Needs to Learn from the Tea Party Movement

    Listening to Michael Steele, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, earlier this week on the Sean Hannity radio show, I knew they didn’t get it. Now, granted, this wasn’t some new revelation that shook me to the core. The signs have been around for all to see for years. In fact, we who have paid attention have complained about it. The Republican Party pulled | Read More »

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    Reclaiming Hope

    As I participated in a local observance of the National Day of Prayer on Thursday morning, I noticed on the program that this year’s theme was “Prayer: America’s Hope.”   Great.  That word.  That word that every marketer and politician has adopted for their own slogan.  Is it just me?  Since the 2008 presidential campaign, every time I see the word “hope” slapped on a | Read More »

    The Conscience of A Conservative – States’ Rights

    Continuing in my Challenge from Rush, I am reading through “The Conscience of A Conservative.”  Here are my notes: The next chapter of the book is about States’ Rights.  With talk of successions and bailouts, it could not be much timelier.  Goldwater builds the case that the Conservatives SHOULD make regarding bailout money for the states.    Goldwater starts out by citing a story about | Read More »


    Erick, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this post.  As I was listening to the podcast, I was actually yelling “Amen!”   I’ve been involved in local politics since 1990, aggressively since 1996. We are fortunate to have a strong conservative leader of the local Party.  I know the job is thankless so I called to see how I could help after the | Read More »


    Could it be our very own fearless leader?


    Conscience of A Conservative, Chapter 2

    Continuing in my Challenge from Rush, I am reading through “The Conscience of A Conservative.”  Here are my notes: In Chapter 2, entitled “The Perils of Power,” Senator Goldwater* wrote about two books of the days.  In one, the A Democrat Looks at His Party, the New Deal was seen as all of the people working together to accomplish what needed to be done.  In | Read More »

    The Conscience of A Conservative, Chapter 1

    From the diaries by Erick. Apparently, there really is nothing new under the sun.  Reading this book, “Conscience of A Conservative,” which was published in 1960 is like reading something published in 2009.  The problems in the political arena are the same. The only difference is that we seem to be further behind in learning some crucial lessons.  George W. Bush wasn’t the first political | Read More »

    The RNC Insurgents

    Jim Geraghty has an interesting post on Campaign Spot today, “What We Know About the Palace Intrigue Within The RNC.” While reading it, I can’t help but think about the similiarities betweem Bush/Iraq and Steele/RNC.  Bush disbanded the Iraqi military upon control of Iraq.  Steele fired the RNC staff upon control of the Party. Both men intended to start over and rebuild; they didn’t want the | Read More »