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    Preview of 2016?

    I know it’s 4 years early, but I was surfing through the internet for potential “antidotes” to the Savior, and I came across this video: Terry Moran (ABC) interviews Martin O’Malley (D—MD) and Bobby Jindal (R—LA) in a pre-election debate. Could this be a preview of 2016? I like Jindal, and he’s also Indian, so he would attract (I hope) minorities. Some of you | Read More »

    Return to Our Roots: A Brief History of the GOP (1854—1929)

    Source: It began as a coalition of anti-slavery “Conscience Whigs” and Free Soil Democrats opposed to the Kansas-Nebraska Act, submitted to Congress by Stephen Douglas in January 1854. The Act opened Kansas Territory and Nebraska Territory to slavery and future admission as slave states, thus implicitly repealing the prohibition on slavery in territory north of 36° 30′ latitude, which had been part of the | Read More »

    This is a Blessing in Disguise

    Like most of you, I was convinced that Romney would win the election, however, I will admit that in the back of my mind, I knew Obama would pull it off. However, despite Obozo’s win (which I am very angry about), it may well end up favoring our side in the end. You see, I think many on our side failed to see one crucial | Read More »

    I Am Scared to Death, but Confident

    I voted at 7:45 am this morning in NJ for Mitt Romney and Joe Kyrillos. I was so pleased to see my polling station packed, however, I do have worries. Living in NJ, there are A LOT of Dems here, and I know my state will go for Obama, but I can’t shake this feeling that Obama MIGHT win this thing, even though I don’t | Read More »

    Romney Will Win This Election—And I’ve Got the Math to Prove It!

    I was not a math major in college, but I was a history major, and I have always been interested in the presidential elections. Combining both disciplines, I was inspired to determine the winner of the 2012 election through math, although I will write a disclaimer stating that my math MIGHT be shady, and of course, nothing is 100% accurate (unless God is concerned). Therefore, | Read More »

    Trump’s Big Announcement Could Sway Election in Romney’s Favor

    Today, Donald Trump announced via YouTube that he would donate $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice, if only Obama would release his records. Now, many will say this is silly, and Trump is nothing but a flame and a bigot, but I heartily disagree. This could benefit Romney on two levels: 1. If Obama refuses, it shows he really doesn’t care about the | Read More »

    New Jersey: The “Sleeper” State

    New Jersey, a Democrat bastion, might be in play this year for the GOP. Ever since I was able to vote, I’ve been disappointed every election year because Democrats kept winning, and my choices were losing. McCain had no chance, and, despite being a Romney supporter, I voted for McCain anyway because I was definitely not going to vote for Obama. Well, Obama won, and | Read More »

    I’m Worried

    Obama has the electoral college. Romney might lose this after all.