Husband and father in Georgia. More Republican than conservative. I firmly believe that it is not what they do, but what you let them do to you.


    Don’t let the bedbugs bite…

    I have recently seen many article lamenting the increase in bed bug activity in the US (see here). Every article mentions more world travelers, resistant bugs, or some other reason to take away from what really happened. You see when you remove pesticides from the hands of applicators based on junk science and ‘feel good’ emotions, you get the law of unintended consequences. Just remember, | Read More »

    How four letters define two parties.

    At first glance, it does not look like much. Maybe a word that would score bonus points in Scrabble. Possibly an acronym for a new quasi-government agency. But the letters E E N and E, shape the political philosophies of our two party system. You see, these letters are the difference between CONVICTION and CONVENIENCE. Now they both have good and bad parts. Someone who | Read More »