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RECENT ARTICLES My posted comment today: Thou has said it! It amazes me that the GOP has no Rapid Response team, no weekly “talking points”… no constant articulation of their core principles…to wit…smaller more efficient gov-meant, lower taxes and family values…. Why have we not heard from EVERY Repub this year…”Obama’s recession”, “Obamas gas prices”, Obama’s new taxes”, “Obama’s debt” and Obama’s shutdown”?  We should be | Read More »

    AT LAST AT LAST…liars being called liars!

    HANNITY CALLS DEMOCRAT CONGRESSMAN A LIAR TO HIS FACE …(at last!!!) ========== This is way way overdue! The arrogant apostles of secular socialism use 4 basic tactics all over the globe… 1…bold lies 2…smears 3…demons 4…fantasy promises Why do the democrats (aka secular socialists) do this almost daily? There are 3 reasons… 1…they are secular and so no ethics are ever involved, they are simply | Read More »

    HEY BARACK…a POLITICO post of mine

    Hey, Barack.. you racked up 12 trillion of new debt to buy the 2012 election and fix all our problems the past 5 years…what happened? Oh, then you put 85 billion a month of $$$ we do not have into the stock market to prop it up so the no recovery at all looks like a recovery…what u need to do is get real…freeze the | Read More »


    Of course many more scandals are expected…how long can the pawn media change the loaded dirty diapers of the arrogant apostles of utopian socialism? How long? The socialist apostles across the globe rot nations with their naturally toxic policies…they must use the 4 tactics of…bold lies, demons, smears and fantasy promises.   They cannot win an honest debate so they use the 4 tactics daily | Read More »


    WHY I LIKE THE “TRUMP CARD”….. Feel that breeze of truth? Feel that fearless current of facts? Feel that deep understanding of a HIGH achiever? Any potential candidate that says “rich countries should at least pay fuel costs when we go help them militarily” I instantly like. Anyone saying “a real 25% tariff threat will bring China in line” I like. Anyone saying “the tax | Read More »


    March 24th on “The Factor” clueless traditional pundits are giving the “possible” 2012 Republican candidates a cynical trashing! Its absolutely disgusting to see those that tip-toed around the “inept do nothing vote present community organizer” for nearly a year now pretending they understand deeply the nature of the voters. Its tiresome to see the full anal exam and arrogant dismissal (especially of women candidates) by | Read More »


    It gets so very very tiresome as the secular socialist utopians, lacking moral or ethical boundaries, continue their daily stream of fantasy statements. The lie then they lie about lying. The useful idiot media covers for them and lies for them with a straight face as if the voters are illiterate mindless drones. These dumb dangerous socialist utopian stooges are as relentless as the nazis | Read More »


    Month after month Cult of Allah folks (aka moslems) are interviewed by media. Why do so few (very very few) ever ask this one question? “Do you personally believe Sharia Law is good and right for America”? The current congressional investigation should ask EVERY moslem testifying. Just ask this on the record before cameras and watch the response, the shock, the faces, the evasiveness, the | Read More »


    Some decaying socialist policy headlines late last November: 100,000+ march in Dublin over budget cuts…’Day of Reckoning’ Nears…Banks downgraded — one to junk bond status… Portugal Denies Report on Bailout…Spain Bets on Budget Cuts…Next Debt Crisis ‘May Start in Washington’… Thanks dems, thanks for the 14 trillion in American debt as you cut nothing, froze nothing as “blame ducks”…you had 2 years and even punted | Read More »


    Recently examples of the “secular” in secular socialism have been bubbling up as a reminder that a nation rejecting basic morals is both disturbing and disgusting. Oscar winner Natalie Portman’s obvious fornication pregnancy, the BYU fornication violation of (that near extinct item) an honor code and the continued 76% fornication families (fake families lacking commitment or vision) in the black community along with about 28% | Read More »

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