Its Feb. 2010 and Senator Mary Landrieu D-La. gets on TV for 29 minutes of playing the victim. Her arrogant Oz Land statements remind us of Obama. You are not a victim…you voted 97% with Obama…that is not moderate…that does NOT represent my state which stomped Obama…Jindal did not vote, YOU did…if you don’t need the job as you said, please go home…the crybaby routine is not working…you continue to shame our state.
Previous post may provide some background:
Our democrat senator Mary “I use my Daddy’s name for political reasons” Landrieu sold her vote once again…this time senator Reid bought her services (vote) for $300 million tax dollars to La. A bill that does not address portability, tort reform or buying across state lines. A bill full of fines and penalties for not buying insurance. A bill where nobody wins but federal employees (like her) who are exempt!
What can you expect from a person that refuses to use her married name (political reason of course), has the welfare crowd bussed to the polls and votes about 90% of the time as a tax & spend liberal but pretends to be a moderate?
What can you expect from a coward that refused to have voter meetings in large enough buildings to avoid the challenge of defending her votes (or her party)? Now people call for days and can’t get thru. The cowardice continues.
What can you expect from an avowed Catholic who votes the anti-Catholic line year after year (like Pelosi)?
What can you expect from a “public servant” who is always “making up her mind” (for months) bill after bill till the very last (to avoid being challenged…like a coward would) instead of taking a stand?
What can you expect from a snake that winks and nods to vote reasonably for the people about 5% of the time (when not needed for the bill to pass) so she can run on those few votes the next time?

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