Today, March 9, 2010 Karl Rove was on the Rush Limbaugh talk radio show for a good while. After listening for at least 30 minutes these are my comments.
No explanation was made for Bush NOT hammering home the facts on WMD and simply assuming the libmedia “punching bag posture” for years.
No explanation was made for bungling the urgently needed Social Security Reform when Bush let the demo-socialists repeat bold lies about his private option without calling them out as often as needed.
Although Rove’s book did explain the Valerie P issue (he says)…why did the WH not release the leaker’s name ASAP to all the howling libmedia?
No explanation was made for embracing the awful Amnesty BIll that enraged America.
No explanation (or outrage) was made for allowing the moral midget Teddy K to demonize Alito…once again the Republicans were the meek
against the no ethical-no moral boundaries demo-socialists. He should have known from the Bork demonizing and fired back.
No explanation was made for allowing the same Teddy K to write most of the Education Bill when he should have written no bills for his administration…they never learn you can never please a liberal.
No explanation was made for not blocking JM as a candidate for President when history should have shown after running “the old insider” failed with Dole.
Rove is duped that Obama is brilliant. Obama would have released his college transcripts and used cards instead of a T-Prompter if he was so smart. He is not. His ego would have demanded his academic achievements be released. At least Rove admitted Obama lied about him in his book. Obama lied, that is news?
It is my firm opinion that the Bush administrations gave America Clinton and Obama with their numerous feats of inaction, rope-a-dope,
consorting with the worst RINOs and trusting the demo-socialists’ word.
What does it take to learn from history? Maybe it takes J. Carter Obama.

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