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    The Crusades Are Over; Focus On The Threat At Hand

    In case you missed it, President Obama’s remarks at last week’s National Prayer Breakfast have disappointed, frustrated, and stunned many Americans. Speaking about how we should grapple with the threat of radical Islamic terrorism, he said, “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds | Read More »

    Obama Reveals The Stakes Of This Election

    In the Senate races this year, a vote for a Democrat—any Democrat—is a vote to empower President Barack Obama. But listening to Democrats on the campaign trail, you could be forgiven for not recognizing that they embrace the Obama agenda. They know that Americans disapprove of the president, so they know that admitting their support for him would be terrible for their electoral prospects. But | Read More »

    Principles for American Renewal

    As we approach Election Day, it’s important for voters to understand not just that Republicans oppose the policies of President Obama and the Democrat Party, but also to know what unifying goals Republicans share and what policies we support. That’s why today I’m unveiling the Principles for American Renewal, eleven core principles that unite Republicans across the country and up and down the ballot. I | Read More »

    The Road to Six: Your Help Is Needed

    As Red State readers know, six is the key number in the battle for control of the Senate. In addition to holding all the seats currently held by Republicans, we have to flip six Democrat-held seats. As I wrote earlier this week in a memo to the 168 members of the Republican National Committee, the good news is that we have multiple paths to get | Read More »

    Democrats Have a Losing, Anti-Energy Agenda

    With only a few months until the midterm elections, the issues that matter most to the American people are jobs and the economy. Unfortunately, President Obama and Democrats are committed to energy policies that hurt economic growth and keep more people from finding work. When it comes to energy, the President and Democrats are running in the wrong direction. Instead of working to create jobs | Read More »

    Abolish the IRS

    The IRS has lost the trust of the American people. Targeting conservative groups was unacceptable. Pleading the fifth, misleading lawmakers, covering up wrongdoing, throwing away hard drives, and “losing” sensitive emails is even more egregious. Not only did the IRS abuse their power; they spent years lying about it. So Congress has been forced to investigate, and they could have gotten answers for the American | Read More »

    Fix America Challenge

    Fix America Challenge

    It’s no secret; Washington has some serious problems when it comes to spending and debt. Do you have ideas to fix it? Want to talk about them over lunch with Rand Paul and Paul Ryan? We want to hear from you. The Democrats have shown their true colors and have dragged their feet on producing a serious plan to get our fiscal house in order. | Read More »

    Sorry Mainstream Media, Conservatives Will Have a Greater Say in ’16 Debates

    We all remember the 2012 presidential primary debates, with the liberal media interrogating our candidates on issues that were often not a priority to most Americans. It was a sad situation, a traveling circus, and it was because the mainstream media was in control of every aspect of those debates. They all wanted a chance to go after our candidates, and some of them clearly | Read More »

    Apology from the RNC Director of Rapid Response

    *The below apology from Jahan Wilcox, which was posted by Chairman Priebus, is appreciated by RedState, as is the severe reprimand that we were told was administered. Unfortunately, the willingness of some within the ranks of the party apparatus to demean, and sometimes even work against, conservative candidates has grown this primary cycle. While we are disappointed that this happened within the ranks of Reince’s | Read More »

    EBONY, Black Republicans, and Media Bias

    EBONY, Black Republicans, and Media Bias

    When members of the media show their bias—especially when they refuse even to consider conservative ideas—we have to call them out. Yesterday, a senior editor for EBONY, Jamilah Lemieux, began attacking black Republicans on Twitter. When an RNC staffer, Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams, called her out for her bias, she didn’t engage in a civil dialogue. She instead dismissed him as “a white dude.” | Read More »