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    Biden’s Right: Under Obama, Middle Class Has Been Buried

    The American middle class cannot afford four more years like the last four. Don’t take my word for it. Ask Vice President Joe Biden. At a Tuesday campaign rally, he offered a remarkably candid assessment of the Obama presidency: “the middle class…has been buried in the last four years.” Finally, Joe Biden’s making some sense. As every family struggling to make ends meet knows all | Read More »

    The Time for Action is Now: A Message to Grassroots Conservatives

    The countdown has begun. Yesterday marked 100 days till the presidential election. Undecided voters will begin to weigh their options more closely. Will they choose four more years of slow economic growth, or a new direction? This means now is the time to get involved! Here’s how: This coming weekend is Super Saturday, where volunteers across the country will be mobilizing to get the word | Read More »

    The Flexible President Sees No Threats

    Over the past few months President Obama has argued that Hugo Chavez is not a threat, offered post-election flexibility to Vladimir Putin, and granted visas to Raul Castro’s daughter and other Cuban officials. It almost seems the president is going out of his way to undermine American strength. He’s emboldening enemies and nations who frequently oppose our interests—at a time when they also happen to | Read More »

    Doing Fine?

    Obama can’t fix a problem he can’t see. No, you heard him right. At a press conference this morning, the President of the United States actually said, “The private sector is doing fine.” Mr. President, are you paying attention? Take off the rose-colored glasses. (Although, thanks to your fashion industry fundraising friends, I’m sure they’re very stylish rose-colored glasses.) The private sector is small businesses. | Read More »

    On Jobs, Obama is Running from Reality

    Today’s extremely troubling jobs report is yet another sad reminder that President Obama’s policies simply are not working—and that we need a president who understands the economy. Last night on CNN former President Bill Clinton praised Mitt Romney’s “sterling” career in the private sector. This morning Steny Hoyer echoed that sentiment, underscoring the importance of the private sector in growing our economy. While Mitt Romney’s | Read More »

    While the Middle Class is Hurting, Obama Hobnobs with Hollywood

    The Celebrity-in-Chief heads to a Hollywood blockbuster fundraiser this afternoon. George Clooney stars as the host. Chef Wolfgang Puck plays a supporting role as caterer. And Obama is expected to rake in as much as $12 million, making it the biggest presidential fundraiser ever. Of course, President Obama has a long history of hobnobbing with the Hollywood glitterati. He’s pitched movies to mogul Harvey Weinstein. | Read More »

    Obama Is Running on Excuses

    From the diaries. Harry S. Truman famously said of the presidency, “The buck stops here.” President Obama might as well make his slogan: “Pass the Buck.” His record of failures and broken promises has left him with no record to run on. But instead of holding himself accountable, the president blames everybody but himself. Of course, as with many things, he promised it would be | Read More »

    Obama’s New Debt Record: Why We Can’t Afford a Second Term

    As of today, the president who promised to cut the deficit in half has now racked up more new debt than any of his predecessors—and in less time. In 2008, Obama said “I don’t want to wake up four years from now and find out that our children’s future was mortgaged by another mountain of debt.” But four years later, that’s exactly what’s he’s waking up | Read More »

    A Failing Grade: Obama’s Record with College Students

    Today, ESPN unveils President Obama’s NCAA Final Four picks. Tomorrow, they will reveal his full brackets. These days, it seems like the president spends more time thinking about the Final Four than the difficulties facing a family of four: the soaring college tuition, the sluggish economy, skyrocketing gas prices, and massive national debt. Of course, no one begrudges the president’s filling out a bracket. But March Madness should | Read More »

    Hope, Handbags, and Hypocrisy

    This morning’s Wall Street Journal reports on Obama’s “Runway to Win” fashion fundraiser tonight, where the campaign will begin hawking campaign-themed apparel and accessories from high-end designers. The article also raises some serious issues about potential campaign finance law violations: “Jan Baran, an election lawyer with Wiley Rein LLP, said designers can’t ask employees to work on political projects unless they willingly volunteered their time. | Read More »