Don’t swallow that hook!

    The Left’s Plan Paul Ryan was chosen and yips and yells were heard on the right and on the left.  The Democrats and their pundits had a plan.  They ripped into the Ryan Budget as the end of Medicare.  The Romney campaign was quick to point out that the only one to affect Medicare is Obama’s $716 billion dollar theft to pay for Obamacare.  The | Read More »

    Lead Lined Lifesaver: Wisconsin Exit Polls

    Smarting from the whipping they just took in Wisconsin on Tuesday night, Democrats filled the airwaves clamoring that the silver lining from their loss in Wisconsin’s Recall Vote was that Romney lost to Obama by 12 points in the CNN exit poll.  They argued that the results from the exit poll shows that Wisconsin has little chance of being in contention for the 2012 Presidential Election: | Read More »

    Clinton Disses Obama Campaign

    Add yet another Democrat joining the Bain Mutiny group.  Bill Clinton disses Obama’s strategy all together and states: There is no question that in terms of getting up and going to the office and basically performing the essential functions of the office, a man who has been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold… When you try, like anything else you | Read More »

    When Ron Paul Wins!!

    When Ron Paul wins second place over Newt Gingrich in 4 of the 5 GOP contests tonight, it is time for Gingrich to reassess his campaign. When Ron Paul wins over the Speaker by 3% points in most of those contests, and over 17% in one of those contests, it is time for Speaker Gingrich to close shop. When Speaker Newt Gingrich loses Delaware to | Read More »

    Why I support King Newt!

    I know many at Redstate have been wondering why I support King Newt.  Well wait no longer, I will tell you why: Master Historian, Speaker Extraordinaire, The Last Great Conservative Hope will banish the weeping and wailing of timid supporters called Republicans. He crafts supernal words that cut through the media’s disrespect and insolence. He whispers simple truths that make RINOs cower in fear. He has beaten his baggage | Read More »

    Keep your friends close and CNN closer…

    I enjoy finding out what the opposition is saying in regards to what I care about.  It helps me evaluate the competition.  I found it especially interesting tonight that CNN decided to take the night off.  Sure enough MSNBC had several articles about the GOP debate, but CNN had ZERO, nada, nothing, big fat Martha’s Vineyard zippo. Searching for “debate” on their front page yielded nothing.  | Read More »

    I’m an American, Not a Bump in the Road

    In 2003 in the aftermath of the tech bubble bursting, I was laid off from HP.  That was a stressful time, but since the market was recovering, I figured I would be able to find a job.  I looked for a programming job with any company.  Yet since many of those jobs were headed to India, I figured a defense contracting job may provide some security.  I | Read More »

    Cain’s Kryptonite

    Just finished clearing off Fox News Sunday off the DVR.  Three days ago, Herman Cain was on with Chris Wallace and he did a great job.  That is until he revealed his weakness, and I was taken aback.  First off, I like Herman Cain.  He is currently my number two for the GOP nod, anyone who has tangoed with me in the comments sections over the | Read More »

    RomneyCare vs. RomneyReform

    Sorry for the tome, but this comes from watching Romney’s speech on Romneycare and Romney’s Reform plan.  Soren Dayton listed several good questions earlier today for Romney’s health care speech. Romney did not answer all of them, but I compiled those that he appeared to answer with some additional points I was able to glean from the speech.  [My opinions are in brackets]: If you | Read More »

    Global Warming bites the Dust

    Global Warming, CO2 and Energy Policy A new study by Jasper Kok was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  Professor Kok is a climatology researcher with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).  You can read the article about his study at the  In summary, the computer models used for calculating Global Warming are wrong.  CO2 likely plays a much | Read More »