An answer to a Liberal friend AFA Korea…

    As I said earlier, I doubt we do anything this time, just like a few weeks ago when the ROK’s lost that ship… This event has more coverage and is ‘strike 2′ and if the NORK’s pull some other BS in the near future, a ‘strike 3′ if you will, I’m afraid that Obama will think he has to do something even if it’s wrong. | Read More »

    What we have here, is a lack of Gumption (not to mention a handle on Math)

    I’ve celebrated my 10th birthday 5 times now…my whole family got together and got me one of those iPad doo-hickies.  I immediately downloaded iBooks, then went to Project Gutenberg to snag all of the titles/authors I recognized.  I like science-fiction (among other things) and here is where the “crux of the biscuit” comes in… Before the writers like Robert A. Heinlein went over to fantasy | Read More »

    Actions have Consequences

    Now that Mr. McCain is past his primary, I wonder now to what’s to be done. It’s pretty much general knowledge here that he’ll go back to his disgusting habit of blowing kisses across the aisle after November 3rd. Perhaps that will be so. Perhaps, being the political critter he is, he might see the winds that are sweeping in Tea-Party conservatives and decide to | Read More »

    It Starts…

    I just got off the phone with the Chair of the Lincoln County Committee GOP. We had a great conversation “feeling each other out” as to the depths of our respective political views, and what needs to be done with the Republican party. She’s not only aware of the Tea Partiers, but thinks they’re the next best thing to sliced bread. Doesn’t hurt that she | Read More »