How Many Stimulus Jobs Can Dance on the Head of a Pin? Not Enough

According to Newsmax, the stimulus spent $55 BILLION on 57,000 projects that created SIX JOBS.

Here is the way the “system” worked: using $3.03 million, a mere drop in the bucket, for a few NEW JOBS costing $303,114 a piece:

$393,778 to study yellow monkey flowers. NO JOBS.

$50,000 to train administrative staff at one college. NO JOBS.

$300,000 to study how fruit fly bodies develop. NO JOBS.

$800,000 to replace light switches in US Army facilities—shouldn’t the Army pay for its own light bulbs? NO JOBS.

$225,238 to study why narwhals use tusks (Harvard, of course)—to get to the other side of the road, NO JOBS.

$199,699 to study how prehistoric man hunted bison—ONE JOB

$50,000 to transfer folk songs to digitalization. ONE JOB.

$327,337 to study skin membrane control on zebra fish—TO TRAIN MORE WOMEN IN SCIENCE—ONE JOB

$389,357 to study how young adults use malt liquor—THEY DRINK IT—TWO JOBS.

$177,839 to aid the mental health of Mexican immigrants—TWO JOBS.

$95,000 for wildlife exhibits in National Parks—TWO JOBS.

And then there are these NO JOBS mostly–

$7.78 million for an Alaskan job placements co., that doesn’t actually place anyone in jobs, but outsources its work. NO JOBS.

 $499,636 to see if meditation reduces inflammatory responses in people about to suffer psychological stress. NO JOBS.

 $7.14 million to deliver food to food pantries for “the poor.” Expected 384 jobs but none actually created. NO JOBS.

$1.47 million to help people install converter boxes for digital tv that Congress mandated (like making us buy mercury light bulbs) that created only temps and no permanent jobs.  NO JOBS.

$448,112 to find out why female meth uses get sexually excited. No jobs created but if they give out free meth, maybe I can volunteer. NO JOBS.

$1.08 million to study massive black holes, as opposed to medium black holes. NO JOBS.

$447,492 to study Ebonics. I thought Ebonics was already dead. Liberals are like zombies. They never really die. NO JOBS.

$882,991 to produce pr to get Hispanics to get the H1N1 vaccination—ONE JOB.

$3.4 million to FL to build tunnels under roads for turtles—ONE JOB.

$95,000 for wildlife exhibits in National Parks—TWO JOBS.

$389,357 to study how young adults use malt liquor—THEY DRINK IT—TWO JOBS.

1700 criminal complaints have been raised against various job-schemes dealies under the stimulus that must have been really egregious, ‘cause otherwise, the gov’t was just ready to THROW your tax money at anything.

Harvard economist Robert Barro said the stimulus was a way of taking $900 billion out of the ec. in order to spend $600 billion in the public sphere of money we don’t have.





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