Since the site will prob. announce I am not allowed to post and will drop my name, I am renny, and somehow cons. and Reps. have to find a way to make serious matters like debt and tax rates and unemploymnet impact visually and emotionally.

FOX says 15% of so-called undecideds cast their vote for zero because they saw him on the beach (really a  road) in NJ after Sandy. (Bloomberg kept zero out of NYC and Christie should not have walked arminarm with the enemy either--he may as well have campaigned for obama.)

Mitt did that once by appearing in front of Solyndra, so he could have come to my house and used a chain saw to cut one of my fallen trees or he could have had rallies with closed coal plants in the background or by a Delphi plant or a small-town bank closed by Dodd/Frank--ANYTHING for the tv-learners who are texting as the commercial flies by.

We took all the real estate--if you look at those blue states, their counties are all red--but their cities are under Dem. control. We are being run by a half dozen cities--Cleveland and Chicago, NYC and Phila., and the rest of the polities that are America are under their domination. And how Walker won in 2010 and a recall by 9 pts. in 2012 but Romney lost by 6 pts in WI (where the polls were supposedly even) is an unsolved mystery someone should address.