I want freshmen on my committee

    The American people sent Washington a message on November 2 – NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL. The freshman class spent months knocking on doors, holding town halls and going to forums. They may be new to Washington, but they know who they are and why they’re here, and they’re ready to speak for the people who sent them. I want them to be able to | Read More »

    Health Care After the Fall

    This morning I posted an op-ed at Human Events about health care in the next Congress. It looks as if voters were more than ready to show how much they’re fed up with the Democratic Party’s idea of healthcare reform by investing their trust in Republicans to repair the medical malpractice that took place under President Obama. Now it’s imperative that we Republicans respond with | Read More »

    An open letter to the gathering wave of new House Republicans

    Today I wrote an open letter to the incoming House Republicans at The Daily Caller. It’s posted below. An open letter to the gathering wave of new House Republicans: In a turbulent campaign year, you are winning because you were honest with voters and you cut through the smog of media skepticism and Democrats’ acrimony. Those who win the trust of voters on election night | Read More »

    Repealing the ban on the common light bulb

    By Reps. Joe Barton, Marsha Blackburn and Michael Burgess On this page two weeks ago, Erick lamented the fact that American factory workers are losing jobs to China as a result of the de facto ban on the incandescent light bulb. Light bulbs seem to be a pretty simple part of our lives today. It gets dark, you flip a switch and presto – light | Read More »

    DTV delay will cause confusion, cost millions

    Five years to the day before 9/11, first responders told us they needed vastly more communications capacity in order to cope with a large emergency. Instead, we gave them silence, and the absence of reliable communications was held responsible for many deaths inside the World Trade Center. More years have passed since 9/11, and they’re still waiting for our help. The scheduled Feb. 17 switch | Read More »


    We must boost domestic energy production now

    I hope that Speaker Pelosi’s recent letter to President Bush urging him to draw down oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve signals her recognition that the solution to today’s high energy prices is to increase supply in the market. Possibly she realizes that supply really does affect the price consumers pay at the pump, and that would be progress, but I don’t share her optimism | Read More »