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    Diplomacy and Sanctions Set the Stage for Progress with Iran

    Recent reports that Iran is less than one year away from completing a nuclear facility is cause for serious action by the international community. As the United States and other leading countries continue to hold talks with Iran to determine the true intent of the nation’s nuclear ambitions, Iran continues to defy orders of the International Atomic Energy Agency to cease its pursuit of the | Read More »

    AARP Leaves Questions Unanswered

    This bill would make great strides for all of our members and their families….” AARP said July 14, as House Committees prepared to review and amend the health care overhaul bill in the House which contains nearly $500 billion in Medicare cuts. Last week, the Senate Finance Committee passed its version of health reform, and so, it appears, that the health care battle will continue | Read More »

    Why is AARP Supporting Proposed Medicare Cuts?

    So often during the health care debate we’ve heard: “If you like it, you can keep it.” But who’s heard of this significant exception: “unless you’re a senior with a Medicare health plan”? The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office predicts that 3 million seniors will lose their Medicare health plan coverage and 3 million fewer seniors will enroll in such a plan if the current bill | Read More »