I proudly represent Michigan's Sixth Congressional District and serve as Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.


    Keystone pipeline project means jobs, energy security

    By REP. FRED UPTON Originally posted 01/16/2012 Kalamazoo Gazette Our nation’s energy policy is a matter of both national security and economic certainty. Where we get our energy and at what price have a significant impact on local job creation, American competitiveness and day-to-day costs for Michigan families and businesses. As ongoing tensions around the globe remind us, our energy future is an issue that | Read More »

    Politicizing The Green Debate

    By REP. FRED UPTON Originally posted 07/05/2011 07:10 PM ET Investor’s Business Daily   There’s a troubling irony in today’s vigorous debate about environmental policy. Some of the most vocal groups clamoring for a cleaner planet are also the ones stalling progress toward that same goal. A closer look at contemporary interest-group politics reveals why this is the case. Republicans and Democrats both desire cleaner | Read More »

    Declaring war on the regulatory state- Pelosi’s Congress ignores the red-tape brigade but the GOP won’t

    Ran in October 19, 2010 Washington Times print edition   Our nation is confronted with serious problems that require a fundamental reassessment of the size and role of government. With unemployment near 15 percent in many parts of the country, an unsustainable debt and unbridled federal spending, people fear the actions of a federal government that has grown too large and hinders rather than encourages economic | Read More »

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