Congressman from Michigan's 11th District. Veteran, school teacher, small business owner, and family farmer.


    Simple Sequester Math

    When I first joined Congress, I knew we had a debt problem and I knew that we spent way too much money. The numbers are almost overwhelming. Billions and trillions of dollars are not something that any ordinary person can relate to. Luckily, I was a high school teacher before I came to Washington. As a teacher, I had to make things understandable for my | Read More »

    Restoring Limited Government

    Last June, like most conservatives, I felt great shock and disappointment with the ruling of the Supreme Court holding Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—commonly known as Obamacare—as constitutional.  The legislation itself represents an assault on our basic liberties. Americans should not be penalized because they have made the economic decision to not purchase health insurance in the private marketplace. Our federal government, which is | Read More »