Another way to fight

    I have seen many people around here looking for ways to get involved. I have found an organization that wants to sign-up 1,000,000 members by “The One’s” inauguration. Check out Here is what they are standing against: Socialistic wealth redistribution *including any and all tax increases and big-government welfare programs. *Silencing conservatives through the Fairness Doctrine *and other efforts that restrict free speech. *Open | Read More »

    A New Call to Action

    I am sure many of you who subscribe to Human Events Mailing have seen this, but I wanted to get out the link to show the RINO’s that we are not willing to let go of our party…let them try to fight us! Join Michael Reagan in this fight by signing up here

    Just A General Shout-out

    I just wanted to send EVERYONE at RedState a big thank you for this forum. I am constantly reminded whenever I visit here that there is hope in our party. Living in a permanent blue state can sometimes blur what life is like in the rest of the country. Whenever I visit I know I am in a camp of friendlies! The excitement of the | Read More »

    Now I’m Peeved!!!

    Here I am catching up on news and such and I come across this story Via Drudge… I was happily reading along…and then – wham – hit and run journalism on aisle five – “As Palin wound down her remarks, a group in the rear of the audience began a noisy chant of “John McCain! Not Hussein!” — but the governor did not appear to | Read More »

    Obama’s Aunt…Hoping for Change

    Via DrudgeObama’s Aunt isn’t here legally. Maybe that is why she said she didn’t want to talk to anyone until after her nephew won… Maybe she thought that Pres O would pardon her. I guess that maybe she could go stay with her other nephew if there is room in the hut Can we start talking about America’s immigration problem again? or should we just | Read More »

    Clintons Campaign for Murtha

    OK – I am up late watching Fox News and I just saw a report that the Clinton’s are campaigning for Murtha this weekend. Looks like things aren’t looking tjat good for Murtha…See here, here, here and (well you get the drift I really love the blatant partisanship and phoniness that the Hill & Bill Show still bring to the table. I have since lost | Read More »