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    If Republicans should really oppose Mitt Romney if they oppose Obamacare!

    It is time to put an end to the joke of Mitt Romney as a front-runner. Mitt Romney is a joke. The man buys his own books, buys the straw poll through his group Evangelicals for Mitt. If there is really an Evangelical for Mitt Romney I would be stunned. Mitt Romney is the least religious, least principled person in the running and that is saying something | Read More »

    The Republican Party is for sale and Milton Armitage is Buying It!

    Milton Armitage, the rich kid character on Dobie Gillis played by Warren Beatty that nobody he really likes aka Mitt Romney is buying the Republican party a little bit at a time. Mitt Romney should write another Book called “Keeping Up With the Palin’s”. Mitt Romney is blowing the family fortune trying to buy the Republican nomination and keep up with Sarah Palin. Milton aka | Read More »

    Loser Ron Paul Stacking Polls Again! Ron Paul the 7% man strikes again!

    Ron Paul proves me right once again. Ron Paul and his campaign of idiots are trying stack the straw poll. Ron Paul and is undermining supporters of LIBERAL college students that would never vote for him on election day are good for only thing stacking straw polls and text voting. Where was Ron’s support in the Republican primary not existent. Paul supporters are like Lyndon | Read More »

    Sarah Palin stands up for America and could be President!

    I wish Palin would run and the Romneybots doing their bidding of their master Richie Rich should stop putting out that Palin is unelectable crap. We know Mitt the Socialist and his supporters are trying to run Palin down. I hope Republicans realize the only way beat Obama is with a straight up conservative Palin and not a liberal Republican Romney. We tried Liberal Republican | Read More »

    Don’t let Ron Paul Losers stuff the ballot box again at SRLC

    Stop Ron Paul and his not-conservative losers and underminers from stuffing the ballot box again. No more letting the Paultards, Paulbots, or  whatever you call those liberals losers from wrecking another straw poll. A real conservative deserves to win the straw poll not a loser that is antithesis of a conservative. Stop the Paultards and vote support real conservatives like Palin, Pence, and Jindal and not a creep | Read More »

    Tom Coburn Jumps the Shark!

    Tom Coburn once my second favorite senator, behind Jim Demint has jumped the shark. Coburn is either trying to get along with the lunatic leftists or is trying to get in good graces with the people that control the two ethics investigations that he is involved in. Coburn going after Fox News recently and saying that Pelosi is a nice person shows that Dr. Coburn | Read More »

    Politico, the Census, and slamming Erick Erickson!

    After visiting Politico, nearly everyday for nearly a couple of years I have decided that I am done with it forever. Politico has become a defender of the left and a defamer of the right. Politico has now decided to follow state-media (the liberal blogosphere and the state-media media Jon Leibowitz) and slam Red State’s Erick Erickson. Erick Erickson should continue to be provocative and his | Read More »

    A Special Election in the NY 29th will not happened!

    It is looking more and more certain that there will be no special election in New York’s 29th Congressional District (The Tickler’s Seat). Tom Reed, the Former Mayor of Corning, NY is the Republican nominee whenever the race happens. He is absolutely a solid top-tier recruit that is a great fit for the 29th. The election will happen in November and not May or June. It looks likely that | Read More »

    No More Defense! Get on Offense!

    It is time to get on the offense. The right has been demonized and now is forced to play defense against the Alinsky tag team. The time for playing defense is way over. The race baiters have no tape and it is time to make people aware of what is in the health care and why we are still losing jobs 15 months into Obama’s | Read More »

    Give’em Hell, Sarah! A Salute to Victory over the Liberal Republicans

    Thank you Sarah Palin for standing up for a conservative republican party when the clueless establishment went on listening tours and loser liberals like David Frum, David Brooks, Colin Powell, John Avlon, George Will, Steve Schmidt, Sam Tanenhaus, and Kathleen Parker tried to assert themselves and move the republican party far to the left. These ULTRA-LIBERAL/progressive republicans have not been kind to Palin and conservatives, but there is no doubt that we have vanquished them and | Read More »