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    The 2016 Primary Debate Stage

    Let’s look forward to 2016 and consider the following contrast: The Democrats will put foward Hillary and Biden assuming that neither has yet been incapacitated. Who are the back benchers for them? Andrew Cuomo? Amy Klobuchar? O’Malley? Elizabeth Warren? Either of the Senators or Governor Moonbeam from California? Deval Patrick ruled out running this summer. Corey Booker is too green. God forbid that Al Franken | Read More »

    Lack of moral condemnation over the fact that the president of Iran is a pedophile

    He started raping a 14 year old girl when he was 20.   There is a continued pattern of non-judgmental writing in the press when discussing customary ages of marriage in stories about certain parts of the world. We ought to be denying people with this history of child abuse the right to visit the United States, even if they are only within | Read More »

    A Modest Proposal to Win in 2012

    Take a look at the electoral map for 2012 at If Romney wins FL, NC, VA, OH, and IN, he still loses unless he wins an additional state. Go to Wikipedia and sort the results by state for 2008 in order of increasing Obama vote percentage. After these five states, the state that Obama won by the least was Colorado. Unfortunately, Colorado does not have | Read More »

    The Constitutionality of NO

    The left stream media has taken great pleasure in labeling the GOP has the party of NO. I think it’s worth examining why a thinking individual should consider this to be a problem.  A prudent parent may continually say NO to a mischievous child’s requests until such time as they come up with a sensible one.  If you got asked if you’d like take heroin | Read More »

    ACORN Banking Experience Required at Office of the Comptroller of the Currency!!!

    In addition to finding ways to not defund ACORN, it seems that this administration is creating positions within the government that require their invaluable expertise! There’s a new “Community Development Expert” position advertised at the Department of the Treasury, OCC. In this case, you don’t have to read between the lines in order to smell the ACORN stew. It’s got a fat pay range for | Read More »

    We Need More Medical Professionals

    It never ceases to amaze me that the leftists in charge are focusing the health care debate on rationing and redistribution. Lost in all of their histrionics about expanding the role of government is a simple fact. In order to provide more health care services to people who don’t currently get them without taking them away from others, it will be necessary to train more | Read More »

    Quantitative Easing: a Better Alternative to TARP

    So, in my previous diary entry I discussed some details about quantitative easing, and here I aim to show that it is a better alternative to TARP. The chief reasons that QE is better than TARP are 1) TRANSPARENCY and 2) MARKET NEUTRALITY. Firstly, treasury bonds and government mortgage securities trade in very liquid markets, so fair prices are known at all times. A trader | Read More »

    Quantitative Easing versus Monetization

    We live in an age with many trillion dollar elephants in the room and most of them have complexities that are not discussed in widely read publications. The conflation of quantitative easing and debt monetization by the media is one of them. The two activities have very similar effects in the short term, but their effects in the long run are quite different. The Federal | Read More »

    Negative Multipliers on Government Spending

    Let’s examine a few different tiers of government destruction of economic activity. The first level involves negative marginal multipliers on spending. Government taxation takes money away from private projects that have higher multipliers. Perhaps both of these options have multipliers greater than one, but the private activity is still clearly a better use of funds. The next level involves government spending on a boondoggle with | Read More »

    Ronald Reagan Explains Why Barack Obama Will Achieve Peace in Our Time

    In a speech he gave 45 years ago, Ronald Reagan explained that the only way to achieve peace tomorrow is to surrender today. By that measure, Barack Obama has excelled beyond even the expectations of the Almighty. He abandoned fledgling democracies in Eastern Europe to Putin’s grand designs for a renewed Soviet empire. He left all of Europe bereft of defenses against small numbers of | Read More »