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    Once Upon A Time In Heaven: Commercial Space Takes Off

    <b>Commercial space takes off</b> First off, a much belated congratulations to Elon Musk and the folks at SpaceX for last month’s successful test launch of the Falcon 9 vehicle.  The <a href=””>video</a> is as spectacular as the story of a company, that for pennies on the dollar, hbas shown a path to reducing launch costs by a whole order of magnitude.  A month on, and | Read More »

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    Seriously…not enough Three Kingdoms up in this hizzay…

    1800 years ago, the most awesome period in history EVER happened.  At the very least, you could describe it as the inevitable clash between three great men who were bound and determined to etch themselves into the very bone of mankind’s collective memory.  But that would be selling short the hundreds, thousands…no, millions, who lived, lived awesomely, and died in the never ending struggle to | Read More »

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    Once Upon A Time In Heaven: Roundup

    Heavy-lift, alive but knee-capped. In his April 15 speech at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Fla., U.S. President Barack Obama said the space agency would spend the next five years studying new technologies and materials before settling on a heavy-lift rocket design. But NASA documents and comments from agency officials suggest the White House already has a design firmly in mind. The document was revised between | Read More »

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