President Lincoln Speaks

    Monday, March 4, 1861. President Abraham Lincoln makes his First Inaugural Address With civil war on the horizon, Lincoln addresses a divided nation. He tries to reassure the population and invokes the wisdom of the Almighty in the determination of whether the North or the South will prevail. He speaks of the rights of the states and of the people to hold the federal government | Read More »

    Eating Our Young Is Not The Answer

    Now come the calls from the Republican faithful to “clean house”. Well, my conservative colleagues, I think that just happened. Now starts the finger pointing. McCain stinks! Palin is an idiot! The campaign staffers are disloyal louts! Blah-blah-blah. McCain is a great American. Palin may be the future of the party. Campaign staffers are just temporary employees, and McCain’s are currently out of a job. | Read More »

    The Strategy of Defeatism

    All day long I have listened to Fox News and their “analysts” bemoaning the latest polls and what they mean, state by state, and, in some cases, county by county. Having examined the methodologies of the major pollsters, I must say I greet their numbers with skepticism. Why? First, the pollsters do not just ask the potential voter for whom they plan to vote. There | Read More »

    Is Fox News Going Lib?

    As if they weren’t biased enough the night of the last Presidential debate, Juan Williams is waxing poetic on FNC Sunday night, singing the praises of his favorite candidate, B.O. Is it becuase Juan is a person “of color”? Maybe, maybe not. But all day, this Sunday, Fox has had much more coverage of the Dem side, with no dissenting opinion from the Rep. side. | Read More »

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    Obama Ads Bogus: Big Surprise!

    “Fast Eddie Rendell”, PA’s leading Democrat, is “warning” voters about John McCain’s economics plans, which include reducing Medicare and SS benefits. The Obama campaign is running ads touting the same McCain assault on these popular entitlements. Problem is, this allegations are false. FactCheck.Org asserts that there is nothing to these ads. By the by, FactCheck is hardly unbiased. They lean to the left, just enough | Read More »

    Choose Life

    As the presidential campaign rolls to a conclusion, one of the issues that has traditionally divided America is abortion. Catholic Bishops are entreating their flocks to carefully consider the pro-life, pro-choice position of ALL candidates, whether president or down-ticket. Catholics are not alone in this concern, as most traditional, Christian denominations have taken a firm pro-life stance. At least, at the presidential limit, the choice | Read More »

    A Tax and “Spin” Policy

    It is remarkable that the Dems, who are deeply buried at the root of the housing market/mortgage fiasco, take the high-ground on the economy and taxes. Since 1977, the Democrat administrations, Carter and Slick-Willy, have supported (forced) legislation that required financial institutions (that’s “bank” for you libs out there) to provide loans to borrowers who would not qualify under even the most lenient of standards. | Read More »

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    Obama Supported Forced March From Christian To Muslim Society

    Reproduced here is a copy of the agreement between Kenyan opposition candidate Raila Odinga and leaders of his nation’s Muslim minority. The Islamic leaders promised to strong-arm the country’s Muslims into voting for Odinga in return for his transforming the mostly Christian nation into an Islamic state under the strict Islamic Shariah legal system. During WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi’s recent trip to Kenya, the | Read More »

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    Anyone Else Sick of Geraldo Rivera?

    I am listening to Geraldo Rivera on Fox News. Is this guy a socialist, or what? He is defending Obama regarding the “spread the wealth” comment. He calls it a “slip of the tongue”. Hey, Geraldo, Obama, for once, told the truth. He was off the teleprompter, off the script, and spoke his mind for once. Obama does not need Geraldo to defend him. And | Read More »


    Radio Host Scolded Over Obama Coverage

    WND Full Article *A talk-radio host was reprimanded on air by his executive producerWednesday after he received complaints about his coverage of Sen. Barack Obama. KDKA-AM 1020 host Kevin Miller was silenced when executive producer P.J. Kumanchik read a CBS statement accusing Miller of being unfairly biased against Obama*. **Say goodbye to Rush, Sean, Mark, et al. We Can Not Let This Happen!**