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I am a stay home mom who will always view myself as a teacher due to my background in education. I write a blog called one conservative voice because I don't speak for everyone; and no one else can speak as accurately for me as I can for myself. You can read more of my posts at


    Vexed by the Palin Effect

      Should we go to the fortuneteller?Or maybe make a visit to Madame Rue?Because Doctor, Doctor, we need a cure; we’ve got a bad case of the Palin effect!Sarah Palin swooped into our state sprinkling her dark magical dust all over the place.It has been like a scene from the Wizard of Oz with masses of people falling under the spell of poppies.Early in our | Read More »

    The TEA Party in Retrospect

    I remember the frenzied excitement when CNBC’s Rick Santelli went off on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  It was February of 2009 and I was riveted by the playback footage of his rant.  It was as if the outrage, shock and fear we were all feeling was being mirrored by an every day guy on TV- very strange and very unusual.  It | Read More »

    Economic Recovery: The Screeching Halt

    Listen… It’s the sound of silence.     The noise of construction is rarely if ever heard here in the heart of the sunbelt. So many small businesses have had to permanently close their doors that my very young children get nervous about darkly tinted shop windows. They worry that yet another favorite shop or restaurant will no longer exist. It makes me feel eerily sad to | Read More »