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    Obama is not a Hero…

    I am finding it hard to fathom why we are calling Obama a hero in the death of a terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. From all the news reports, it seems that it was our great military that carried out the mission, and put their lives on the line to protect each and every one of us. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely glad that | Read More »

    Justice is Done, Now it’s Time for Diligence and Preparedness…

    I am sure there are thousands of blogs today with the news that our Nation’s number one enemy Osama Bin Laden is dead. That the front pages of every newspaper in America carries this news. What makes it even more satisfying, his death comes at the hand of the United States Military. I don’t know how we can ever show our gratitude and thanks to | Read More »

    A Replay of Chicken Little…..

    I did not arise at 4am to watch the Royal Wedding because I knew that it would be replayed throughout the day. What I have watched, I think we can learn a very valuable lesson. Respect. I have to say I was amazed at the amount of respect that each one of the well-wishers portrayed as they ushered in to Buckingham Palace. This crowd was | Read More »

    The Bottomless Gas Tank….

    There is probably not a person that owns a vehicle that has not felt the pain at the pump. Has had second thoughts about a trip to the store, and decided that they really don’t need to go, because they didn’t want to burn up the gold in their tank. Personal home budgets are being revised to try to figure out where they are going | Read More »

    A Resurrection of Spirit…

    In the latest Rasmussen poll that came out yesterday, 70% of Americans believe that United States is on the wrong track. Is this a sign that Americans have lost their spirit? And why wouldn’t they? With unemployment over 8% nationally, when economists estimate that it is more realistically around 19%. That only one out of every two home mortgages, the homeowner actually has equity in | Read More »

    Congress….”this is your sign”….

    Watching the news over the weekend, with the devastating storms that ripped through several states, the tragic loss. Our thoughts and prayers. Today is Patriot’s Day in Maine. The “new” Tax Day. Patriot’s day is not the reason for the change in our annual Tax Day this year. It was changed for a holiday that actually fell last Saturday in Washington, DC. Still don’t quite | Read More »

    Rising Prices….

    Anyone that has made a trip to the local grocery store recently knows they are paying more at the checkout. We are paying more at the pump, and lets not forget we are coming upon the customary “summer season”, where we see our annual rise at the pump because of a rise in demand. There are some estimates that we will see $ 5 per | Read More »