A Practicing Physician in a Blue State


    “Low-effort” thought? Not so fast…

    This was a response to a left-leaning friend’s comment about his exchange with a conservative former friend, wherein he referred to the recently published study “Low-Effort Thought Promotes Political Conservatism” I think there is a substantial paucity of critical thinking across the spectrum, and is not confined to the extremes. On the contrary, I suspect (this is my personal observation, not a scientific study, and | Read More »

    Breaking: Kos hates us.

    A friend forwarded a link to Markos Moulitsas HuffPo article today, and asked what I thought. I read the article, and when I stopped laughing, I responded: He paints all conservatives with the same broad brush. He doesn’t qualify his assertions, and he makes statistical leaps which in any other context, even you would scoff at. He conjures up half truths to make a point, | Read More »

    Enough Already.

    As a physician, it’s hard to dismiss a repeated pattern of signs and symptoms in a multitude of people. Coincidence becomes less likely, and we may be witnessing a syndrome. It has happened before. We witnessed 8 years of unfettered rage against a President, first and foremost, for winning an election, and subsequently any reason, real or imagined, the afflicted could come up with. One | Read More »

    Obama’s Proposed Hiring Tax Credit is the Wrong Answer for Small Business.

    Why Obama’s Proposed Hiring Tax Credit is the Wrong Answer for Small Business. The administration has recently proposed several measures to “stimulate” small business and encourage hiring. There are four components of the proposed plan: 1) a $5000 per worker tax credit for each net new hire, 2) a reimbursement of the increase in social security taxes incurred as a result of the net new | Read More »

    Consequences, intended and otherwise.

    The recent negotiations between Labor and the White House have compelled me to write. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that the so-called health care reform package will have many consequences that may not have been anticipated by the President, nor by Congress. In November, the Congressional Budget Office reported that the reform package will likely cause an increase of 10-12% increase in premiums | Read More »