Worker Centers: Big Labor’s Illegal Gamble for New Members

    Last week, the AFL-CIO approved its last-ditch plan to stave off continued decline into irrelevancy: Offer membership to non-union front groups that are exempt from federal labor law, otherwise known as “worker centers.” Worker centers, according to the labor leaders behind them, are simply non-union community groups that advocate for low-wage workers. Many of them are registered as charities, non-profits, and other tax-exempt entities. But | Read More »

    Minimum Wage Business Realities

    In support of a higher minimum wage, advocates typically point to a handful of business owners who voice ideological support for the policy. Take Costco, for instance, whose CEO has voiced strong support for raising the federal minimum wage. Why do these few businesses support raising the minimum wage while many others oppose it? Watch this new video from the Employment Policies Institute to find out: | Read More »

    Election 2012: Union Money vs. Labor Reform

    This election year, Mitt Romney faces a simple challenge: if he beats Barack Obama in a handful of key swing states he wins; if not, he doesn’t. To win, he’ll need to score with independents, who make up more than 40 percent of the voting population, on issues that hit home locally and resonate nationally. To find such an issue, Romney need look no further than | Read More »

    Center for Union Facts Obtains Internal Wisconsin Education Association Council Messaging Document

    In the aftermath of the Wisconsin recall election, many public sector unions are still licking their wounds—and apparently leaving their internal documents out in the open. In an internal memo obtained by the Center for Union Facts, the Wisconsin Education Association Council outlines the communications strategy for messaging against “Walker and his right-wing allies.” A few interesting “Dos” and Don’ts” (emphasis added): DO Stay focused on | Read More »

    Have Unions ‘Occupied’ the Occupiers?

    Leave it to America’s labor unions to turn revolutionaries into defenders of the status quo. It wasn’t long ago that the Occupy movement belonged in the same category of grassroots insurgency as the Tea Parties. Their tactics and their aims differed widely, of course. But together, they showed that many Americans felt they no longer controlled their own destiny, and the only way to get | Read More »