Personal Responsibility

I watched an interview with the CEO of Safeway the other day.  Their health care cost have stayed flat for the last four years while the rest of the industries cost have risen 38%.  How can one company maintain health cost while everyone else’s is skyrocketing?

Steve Burd, The CEO of Safeway, simply came to the conclusion that if each employee wants to pay lower health cost they will have to meet certain standards.  When the standards are met the employees cost is reduced any where from $700 – $ 1,500.  The key to this is the employee has to take personal responsibility for his health.  Let me say that again for you Progressives out there.  Each employee has to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for his health. WOW!! What a concept in this day and age where most people believe they are entitled to everything.

You might wonder how taking personal responsibility for your health lowers your cost.  Well, by not smoking, keeping your weight under control and exercising you are going to be healthier so in theory you will not need to use your insurance as much as someone who smokes is overweight and doesn’t exercise.  For Safeway employees who maintain a healthy lifestyle their cost for health care has decreased 25% in the last four years.

Why is this not being talked about more?  One very good reason, if the progressives encouraged personal responsibility they know that people would realize, hey I don’t need the Government to do everything for me.  I can make decisions on my own.  That is not what a Progressive wants.  They need to have total control over every aspect of your life. 

Take a look at the interview with Steve Burd.

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