This Must Be Stopped

    The Ryan-Murray deal is a horrific blow to fiscal sanity because it discards the hard won ceiling on government spending enforced by the sequester. If this deal passes, it will be much harder to resist new rounds of spending increases, and much more difficult to force Dems to accept cuts in some programs in order to save others. It gives up one of our best | Read More »


    Its time for a name shift. Instead of Obamacare, it should be Obamadoesn’tcare. Obama doesn’t care that his program is causing more people to lose coverage than gain it. Obama doesn’t care that his program is making insurance far more expensive for those individuals and employers who are able to keep their old plans. Obama doesn’t care that his program has delayed the economic recovery | Read More »

    Conservatives Are Fighting To Preserve The God-Given Right to Healthcare

    One of the great lies in this longstanding debate over health insurance is that the Left is someone trying to make healthcare a right. That is the reverse of the truth. Americans have always had the right to healthcare, and Obamacare is trying to take that right away. Since there has been so much disinformation for so many years on this question, let me explain | Read More »

    What is our bottom line?

    For several weeks I have been arguing against using the CR as a vehicle for an Obamacare fight, but now that the battle is joined it is imperative that it ends in a successful outcome. My question now for the community is what outcome or outcomes we would regard as successful. My criticism of the strategy has always been that it appears to be an | Read More »

    GOP Needs To Beat Incumbent Senators

    As we head into the 2014 election cycle, one of the biggest questions that Republicans need to address is why they so often underperform in U.S. Senate races. With representation by state without regard to population, the Senate ought to be a GOP stronghold. Looking at the other type of federal statewide races, those for Presidential electors, the GOP has not won fewer than 22 | Read More »

    Iraq and the road not taken

    Ten years after the invasion of Iraq, most Americans appear to believe that the war was not worthwhile. Perhaps they are correct, but we cannot know for sure because we do not know what would have happened. Consider, for example, the run-up to World War II. Churchill believed that the time when Hitler could have been stopped without a major war would have been when | Read More »


    Why do we need a deal?

    Perhaps the best way forward for the GOP addressing the “fiscal cliff” is to play small ball and just pass bills patching specific items. One bill that extends the expansion of the family tax credit, one that preserves the 10% tax bracket, one that extends the payroll tax cut, and also bills extending the capital gains and dividend tax cuts. Clean bills that don’t do | Read More »

    House should pass a bill to tax the rich and repeal Obamacare.

    The House should pass a bill that repeals Obamacare while giving Obama everything else he wants from the fiscal cliff policies. I expect even Grover Norquist would approve of that tradeoff. The bill would repeal the Bush tax cuts on those earning over $250,000 per year while making the rest of them permanent, extend the unemployment benefits, repeal the sequesters, and do whatever Obama’s latest | Read More »

    Would Lugar have won?

    Lots of complaints on this blog and elsewhere about the decision of Indiana GOP primary voters to nominate Richard Mourdock instead of letting Richard Lugar continue to seek his seventh term. Of course, it is impossible to re-run history to see what would have happened, but I suggest that Lugar’s re-election would have been far from a slam dunk. First of all, Sen. Lugar was | Read More »

    Towards better arguments regarding rape and abortion

    Watching the recent controversies on this blog and elsewhere over the attempts of Senate candidates Mourdock and Akin to explain why they oppose abortion even in cases of rape, it has become apparent that the difficulty in explaining that position extends well beyond those two gentlemen. I suggest that this is a byproduct of the long-standing focus of pro-lifers on establishing that life begins at | Read More »