Evidence We Need to Increase Funding for Math in Our Schools

    On January 10th, MSNBC ran a story on O’s $775 Billion stimulus package. The headline declared 4.1 million jobs would be saved. Over the last several months, we’ve seen the number swell and then…OK, I can’t say it shrunk…but it didn’t swell as much. But with a bill finally looking like it was to pass Congress, we began hearing the stimulus package would create only | Read More »

    Here it comes…

    This morning, the Washington Post gave us a preview of Obama’s upcoming 2010 budget proposal—expected to be announced on Tuesday.   After spending $775 Billion on a stimulus bill that will have limited value in actually stimulating the economy, apparently O has become a fiscal conservative…now concerned with our national deficit.  So bold is the plan, his White House budget director Peter Orszag states: “We | Read More »