The Paleocons are Right! Neoconservatives are Ruining the Republican Party!

    Did you know that the first Neoconservatives in the Republican Party were former liberals from the Democratic Party? Yup it’s true! Back in the early 1970’s towards the end of the Vietnam War some liberals defected from the Democratic Party and came and set up shop in the Republican Party. They gained some influence during the Reagan years and now they run the party. Back during | Read More »

    Stop Calling Members of the Democratic Party Liberals, Call Them Social Democrats!

    Do you know what liberal means? It basically means freedom. Liberalism, to be more specific, classical liberalism is the ideology America was founded on. Classical liberalism is the true form of liberalism. It advocates a free market, limited government, civil liberties, political freedom and rule of law. A perfect example today of classical liberals is the Libertarian Party. The Republican Party is also pretty liberal | Read More »