Obama’s Top State of the Union Excuses (Open Thread)

    1. I haven’t been successful working with Congress because I don’t attend enough Washington parties. 2. We have job losses because of ATMs. 3. It’s all George Bush’s fault. 4. Rich corporate jet owners are ruining the country. 5. I can’t raise taxes because of gridlock. 6. I inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression. 7. Only government can create jobs. We need more shovel ready | Read More »

    GOP Debate Questions

    Liberal moderators of recent GOP debates have gone to great lengths to keep the candidates attacking each other and steer the discussion away from uncomfortable topics like the economy, the budget and the debt ceiling. George Snuffleupagus, Diane Sawyer, John King and Brian Williams have set the bar pretty high, so Wolf Blitzer will have to get very creative at the CNN debate in Jacksonville. | Read More »

    Calling Obama a “Food Stamp President” Is Not Racist

    The mainstream media is doubling down on their attacks of Newt, accusing him of being “racist” because he called Obama a “Food Stamp President.” Yes, Newt said it. But nothing about that comment is racist. Newt didn’t mention race. He’s talking about Obama’s failed economic policies. He never mentioned race, but that isn’t stopping the mainstream media from inventing a race issue. Everyone from NBC, | Read More »

    Challenge to GOP Candidates

    I’m a conservative and I’m voting in the Florida primary on Jan 31st. Right now, Newt has my vote. If you want my vote, you’re going to have to earn it. You won’t get my vote attacking other Republican candidates. Everyone has baggage, and every candidate has drawbacks. I understand that. I’m well aware of Newt’s drawbacks and past scandals. Frankly, that’s not what I | Read More »

    The Real Issue With Romney’s Tax Returns

    The focus on Romney’s tax returns seems to have caught him off guard, and he hasn’t done well at recent debates. Mitt appears to be on the defensive, and his attempts to side-step the issue made him sound awkward and uncomfortable. His problem now is that the longer he waits to release his tax returns, the more it looks like he has something to hide. | Read More »

    Media Bias and the GOP Double Standard

    During the 2008 campaign, the media never opened a debate in the Democrat primary by asking Hilary Clinton how missing documents from the Rose law firm showed up at the White House, or questioning her claim that she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia. Nor did they ever open a debate questioning Obama about his his cocaine use in college, his missing transcripts and birth certificate, | Read More »

    A Simple Way for Perry and Gingrich to Reignite Their Campaigns

    Rick Perry or Newt Gingrich could use a simple, tried and true tactic to reignite their respective campaigns heading into South Carolina and Florida. Herman Cain rocketed to the top of the GOP field in part because his 9-9-9 plan struck a chord with mainstream Americans. Yes, there were other reasons, too, but the 9-9-9 plan certainly helped. It was bold, it was simple and | Read More »

    Attacking Romney Over Bain Capital is Foolish & Dangerous

    Mitt Romney isn’t my first choice for President. Or even my second. But I have a real problem with conservatives attacking him because some Bain Capital investments resulted in job losses. I’ve been running my own businesses for 24 years, and I’ve seen a lot of companies go by the wayside—including one of my own. That happens in business. Blaming Romney because some companies Bain | Read More »