Rick Santorum, a former representative and senator from Pennsylvania, is a candidate for the Republican nomination for president.


    Inconvenient Truths and Foundational Freedoms

    Believing the U.S. unworthy of its superpower status, President Barack Obama hit the foreign policy “reset” button.  Unfortunately, it reset us back to the Carter years and a weaker, less respected America around the world.  In the last few weeks, in addition to the murder of our diplomats in Libya, there have been protests against the U.S. at more than 50 of our embassies and consulates | Read More »

    16 Trillion and Counting: The Alternative to Barack Obama’s Fiscal Cliff

    In November 2008, Americans voted for Barack Obama because they thought he was the kind of leader who could bring Republicans and Democrats together and return America to battle-tested ideals that would stem our economic decline. Nearly four years later, it is clear America didn’t get that leader. This month, under President Obama’s leadership, the national debt broke the $16-trillion barrier, adding more than $5 | Read More »

    Standing For America

    I want to express my deepest condolences to the families of Ambassador Stevens and the three other American officials who were killed in Tuesday’s heinous terrorist attacks.  And I want to thank all of them for their heroic service to our country. On Tuesday, Americans here and abroad commemorated the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11th.   At the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, | Read More »

    Obamanomics Top Economic “Accomplishments”: Killing Jobs and Opportunity, and Exploding Debt

    Obamanomics, the name for “spreading the wealth around,” in reality only spreads poverty and economic decline.  By any measure, President Obama’s economic policies have been a total disaster.  There are millions of men and women seeking work who want to build a better future for their families.  From communities large and small and businesses of all sizes, the work ethic of middle-income America is what | Read More »

    Chicken Leaders and the First Amendment

    What do chicken sandwiches and the First Amendment have in common?  August 1, 2012. Wednesday marked a key date in the implementation of the freedom-offending ObamaCare.  It’s when many organizations and employers were required to begin violating their consciences by providing services that end life rather than affirm it.  Their alternative is to drop healthcare for their employees and pay the fine, or what the | Read More »

    President Obama’s Abuse of Power

    Barack Obama campaigned in 2008 on the promise that his administration would be transparent and that he would respect the Constitutional constraints on the executive branch.  In an effort to drive that message home, his surrogates often reminded us that then-Senator Obama had been a Constitutional law instructor.  Now in his fourth year in office, it is apparent that President Obama actually finds the Constitution | Read More »

    The Foundational Freedom

    The sound of explosions, the smell of gunpowder, and the bright splashes of color against the dark night sky were not always a cause for celebration as the fireworks we watch on this Fourth of July will be.  Instead, to our early countrymen, these sensations came amidst a fight for our independence against an overbearing monarchy that restricted and ignored the freedoms of his people. | Read More »

    It’s Up to Us Now to Reclaim the Torch of Freedom

    Today, the Supreme Court tried to find a creative way to justify undermining freedom.  Obamacare is offensive to freedom-loving people.  Calling it a tax does not change that and should not allow it to pass the constitutional test. Chief Justice Roberts got it wrong.  President Obama and his supporters combined bad policy, with bad process, to produce a bad result for the American people, and | Read More »

    Standing for Veterans, Their Families, and Religious Freedom

    It has been said that this nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.  Those brave men and women, our noble veterans, deserve our respect and support on all levels and at all times. I am the son of two Veterans Administration professionals and grew up on VA Grounds in the states of West | Read More »

    Unleashing our Manufacturing Entrepreneurs in Pennsylvania

     Manufacturing is a tremendous part of our heritage as Americans and my heritage as a Pennsylvanian.  Raised in Butler, the heart of both steel country and manufacturing, I witnessed the decline of the manufacturing industry and the accompanying impact on struggling communities.  One of the contributing factors was the way that government headwinds made us uncompetitive against foreign competitors.  Thirty years later, the manufacturing sector | Read More »