Rick Santorum, a former representative and senator from Pennsylvania, is a candidate for the Republican nomination for president.


    A Legacy for my Children

    What type of future do I want for my children and future grandchildren?  I do not wish for them a future with a financially unsustainable, cradle-to-grave dependency on the federal government. Rather, I wish for those I love so much a future where the federal government encourages and empowers success, personal responsibility, and financial independence.  I also want a future where state governments, or the | Read More »

    Competing to Win

    Of the many wounds to America’s economy over the past few years, the majority have been self-inflicted.  But that unfortunate reality notwithstanding, you can’t seriously examine our long-term national economic and jobs outlook, particularly regarding manufacturing, without addressing the China question. I was tempted to say “the China threat,” and certainly that would be accurate on many levels.  But in the vast intersection of the | Read More »

    RomneyCare Inspires ObamaCare, But Not America

    Two years ago, President Obama signed into law ObamaCare, his signature piece of  legislation.  As a direct result of that law’s unpopularity, Congressional Democrats suffered devastating defeats in the midterm election of 2010, losing more than sixty seats in the House.  It would be an understatement to say the President’s healthcare overhaul law is merely “unpopular.”  According to several recent polls, Americans still overwhelmingly oppose ObamaCare by a two-to-one | Read More »

    Aborting Religious Freedom

    Just when you thought Obamacare could get no worse, we learned this week that the fundamentally flawed and overreaching law will include a $1 abortion insurance payment surcharge. That’s right. Obamacare now demands that Americans will directly pay for ending the life of an unborn child. So no matter if you oppose abortion on conscience grounds, as I do — and as Christians, Orthodox Jews, | Read More »

    Past Performance Indicates Future Results

    Mitt Romney highlights his business experience in the private sector but tries to hide his economic record in the public sector. He was a failed one-term Governor of Massachusetts, and by any objective measure, he would receive an F for his faulty fiscal stewardship there. Indeed, his economic record would not put him in the ring as a featherweight — let alone a lightweight — in | Read More »

    Proudly Clinging to the Second Amendment

    As President of the United States I would take an oath to defend the Constitution – the whole Constitution – and that includes the Second Amendment and the cherished “right of the people to keep and bear Arms.” Sadly, President Obama and his Administration have mocked, downplayed, and disregarded this right. When I take office, I will restore our gun rights – in full.  I | Read More »

    Promoting Economic Freedom and Growth; Not More Government

    There a lot of folks who want to make sure that President Obama gets voted out of office.  They are the same folks who want to see America vibrant again, with an economy that brings real prosperity to real people.  Let me tell you why I am the candidate who can defeat Obama, and grow the economy. Mitt Romney is a creature of Wall Street | Read More »

    Blown and Tossed by the Winds of Political Correctness

    I have traveled across this great country many times.  I have met countless Americans looking for jobs–real jobs, doing real work.  These Americans have lives to lead, families to feed, rent to pay, and gas tanks to fill. Their dreams are our dreams; their hopes are our hopes; their search for a better America is our search. And yet in Washington, blocking the American dream | Read More »

    On Health Care, ObamaCare and RomneyCare Will Hurt Ohio Families

    On Health Care, ObamaCare and RomneyCare Will Hurt Ohio Families By Rick Santorum Two years ago, President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or as we all have come to know it – “ObamaCare.” ObamaCare is the trifecta of all that is wrong with this Administration: a massive tax bill, an unprecedented expansion of the federal government, and a combination of unaffordable entitlement programs that will burden the economy | Read More »

    For Religious Minorities in the Middle East – With Friends Like Obama, Who Needs Enemies?!

    From the diaries. President Obama has an amazing ability to make Jimmy Carter’s foreign policies look good. Opposition to imperfect allies and support of radical Islamists has resulted in the almost-extinction of religious freedom for religious minorities – from the Copts in Egypt to the defenseless women and children who were slaughtered in Homs, Syria – in the Middle East. Another example is the devolving | Read More »