I am a lifelong (fiscal) conservative Republican, whose father attended Nixon's inauguration. I am a software engineer, and have been a director and vice president. I look at political positions as they are relevant to solutions - not posturing.


    Marco Rubio Repeats “The Big Lie”

    I hate to call out someone I have great respect for, especially to question his veracity, but I just cannot let this pass. In fact, I will assume that he has been misled by others in his party, and he just needs to know the truth. He is claiming that there is an annual increase of 120,000 programming/engineering jobs in the U.S., and that this is | Read More »

    Recruiting among the Uninformed

    Why should anyone read another diary on Red State? What do I have to contribute that is in any way worth your time and attention? The right ideas are already out there in copious amounts, so why should you bother? I ask that you only suffer through five paragraphs to find that reason. Conservatism is largely made up of a constellation of values. For the most | Read More »