RedState Needs To Change

    This site is a mess. It is laid out poorly and functions like a Model T in sub-zero weather. All the error messages are inexcusable. The “editing” is hit or miss and seems to be more a function of who is awake and feels like doodling with the site than any coherent policy or strategy. But my concern goes well beyond that. Any site whose | Read More »

    An Interesting Little Nugget From Virginia

    I have been exchanging a few emails the past several days with a very liberal Democratic friend of mine who lives in Alexandria Virginia just outside DC. He is totally for Obama but a comment he made in an email today really got my attention: I haven’t seen a single Obama TV ad in 3-4 days and the TV has been peppered by McCain ads….. | Read More »

    Age of Obama , Age of McCain

    No I mean their actual ages. Of course it matters who is ELECTED. I have noticed that many news stories go out of their way to give the candidate ages. For instance this AP story. Ages normally are included either when the individuals are unknown or when there is a specific reason for their age to be mentioned. In a routine story on the latest | Read More »

    Quitters Never Win

    This election is not over. John McCain can still win. The polls are grim but they are in a tightening phase once again. For the past several weeks there have been odd swings where Obama goes way out in front and then slips back. We are currently witnessing another slip back. I’ve decided a couple of things in terms of what polls I will watch. | Read More »

    Why Did Obama Insist On Increasing the FDIC Limit?

    I haven’t seen any comments related to Obama’s desire that the FDIC limit be raised from the current $100,000 to $250,000 via the “recovery” bill. This seems a tad odd and out of line with his professed love for the middle class and poor down trodden folk in general. After all how much of the “struggling middle class” have accounts with $250,000 in them? Given | Read More »

    Flashback to 2000: “Bush Is Toast”

    Ace of Spades today linked to this piece by William Saletan in Slate. From September 14, 2000 it pronounced GWB “toast” because of his poor standing in the polls. Saletan’s concluding paragraph: A candidate who puts pride before prudence, refuses to learn from his mistakes, and is capable of living for days in an alternate political universe can only survive while he’s ahead. Once he | Read More »

    Why Its Not Over & Why Conservatives Should Not Despair

    The polling picture just now is rather grim for Republicans. They almost unanimously show Obama with a 4 to 9 point lead. This is not good. It also is not the end of the world. Everyone wants to be up in the polls. No matter how much we disparage them when we are behind, we all know we would rather be up, much as a | Read More »

    Paul Newman, RIP

    The death of Paul Newman saddens me. Mr. Newman was a classy guy, a great actor, a competent race car driver, and several cuts above the average Hollywood leading man. Mr. Newman was a political liberal but not of the mindless Woody Harrleson variety or the nasty and angry Ed Asner or Michael Moore type, and not the smug Alan Alda or snarky David Letterman | Read More »

    Well Well…Gallup Shows A Tie Again

    So here are the three tracking polls I have been following. As of September 25: Gallup Tracking – Tie , 46 46 Rasmussen Tracking – Obama +3 , 49 46 Battleground Tracking – McCain +1 , 48 47 Everyone buckle your chin straps and hang on.

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    Who Is The Jay Cost Of 2008?

    Jay Cost on his old Horse Race Blog did an outstanding job of breaking down the various polls in 2004. He was invaluable in figuring out which ones were solid and which ones were fluff. Is anyone doing that on a daily or weekly basis in 2008? The constant avalanche of polls is bewildering and bordering on meaningless. Many of the results just don’t scan.