More Good Polling News

    John McCain leads Barack Obama among likely voters, 48 percent to 44 percent, in a new AP-Gfk Poll. Here are some very telling numbers: Eighty percent say McCain, with nearly three decades in Congress, has the right experience to be president. Just 46 percent say Obama, now in his fourth year in the Senate, is experienced enough. The McCain Campaign has done a masterful job | Read More »

    The Bouncing Polls Bring Glad Tidings

    I can’t recall a year where the polls have been as weird as 2008. For instance in several polls Obama’s numbers go up when screened for “likely voters”. This is unusual as typically Republican voters are more reliable than Democrats. Adding to the oddity is that the state polls are lagging the national polls so we see McCain up 2.5 in the national numbers yet | Read More »

    Palin Is A Muslim Fundamentalist – SALON

    As Barack Obama whines on about slurs that haven’t happened, and as some conservatives fall over themselves to not be rude, here is the other side (via the pages of SALON) in all their kind and constructive glory: But the values of his handpicked running mate, Sarah Palin, more resemble those of Muslim fundamentalists than they do those of the Founding Fathers. On censorship, the | Read More »

    Why Can’t Barack Obama Just Tell The Truth?

    I hesitate to mention the subject which dare not speak its name (no not THAT subject) but I am somewhat nonplussed by the lack of comment on what Mr. Obama was actually saying in the interview this morning. Watch the longer clip that Moe posted and several things leap out at the viewer.

    Um… Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About The Polls?

    McCain is getting one heck of a bounce. Remember that he was behind before the Democratic Convention. Then He was farther behind after the Democratic Convention. Now he has made up ALL that ground and in fact has gone ahead. AND….There is one more day to go before we see the full affect of McCain’s speech. We must hold down the celebrating until we see | Read More »

    Barack Obama, Dangerously Unqualified

    The media likes nothing so much as a “do you still beat your wife” question. But that question only works if the person you ask it of responds the way you want them to. The media now asks EVERY Republican they interview some variant of this question: “Do you believe that Sarah Palin was the most qualified person for the job.”

    Don’t Let Them Get Away With It

    John McCain and Sarah Palin need us as they’ve never needed us before. We must keep our chins up, stiffen our spines and maintain the line. Two fine people are representing us in the arena and the left is doing ANYTHING it can to destroy them. If the left succeeds, we too will taste the bitterness of defeat and national calumny.

    Don’t Let Them Get Away With It!

    John McCain and Sarah Palin need us as they’ve never needed us before. They are in the crosshairs and the left is pulling out all the stops to destroy them and US. Have heart, stiffen your spine and maintain the line. We are the foot solders who must support those who represent us on the front lines.

    Article in TIME regarding Palin family

    As this story continues to evolve it appears that the nasty left has really bitten off far more than it will ever be able to chew. In this article on the TIME website, Nathan Thornburgh completely destroys the contention that this is SCANDAL. The opening lines tell the story: So his name is Levi. That’s about the only thing that I didn’t know about Bristol | Read More »

    Cokie Roberts on Sarah Palin

    On ABC’s This Week, Cokie Roberts showed that she “gets it” better than most of the media. While she didn’t gush in support, she did indicate that the Democrats better be very careful in how they react to the choice and that the pick could well be a good one. She addressed some of the snarky comments that suggest Mrs. Palin can’t be a good | Read More »