Minor League

    In what surely will go down in history as the stupidest meaningless gesture of all time, the Milwaukee Brewers’ Class-A minor league team — the Brevard County Manatees — has

    Not in Public. Please.

    According to The New York Times, on Saturday evening the President of the United States used a thoroughly disgusting gay-baiting slur to refer to people that previous presidents might have

    Your Climate at Work

    Someone named Michael Casey at the Associated Press has written a collection of paragraphs concerning the so-called Climate Negotiations. Someone else needs to follow along behind Mr. Casey with a

    The No-To Guy

    Today has not been a good day for our president in terms of his coverage overseas. In an analysis piece entitled Why everyone is saying no to Obama, Amir Mizroch


    Dissent Will Not Be Tolerated

    Today brings news that the government is investigating a major insurance company. What’d they do this time? Rescind the coverage from an old lady while she was falling down the

    And That’s the Way It Is

    Among the many Americans rendered ignorant about current events by too much dependence on mainstream media we must now count one Charles Gibson, anchor of the ABC World News. Michelle

    Hopie Yennie

    Hope Yen is an Associated Press writer. That’s as opposed to a "reporter", or a "journalist", or indeed anything at all except a propagandist for the Democratic Party and its

    Let There Be Health

    Most of us here on Red State, regardless of our religious convictions or lack of them, are familiar with the contempt with which secular liberals say they regard Creationism and

    Miracle on Wacker Drive

    For all the flack that President Obama gets here on Red State, he does propose some amazing things that deserve recognition. Today, for example, he said concerning his health care

    Not Easy Being Green

    On the eve of the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, the Review Journal there did a roundup of recent polling on the subject, concluding that the Political climate