Why I Have Decided to Leave RedState (…or Goodbye Cruel World)

    After much thought and consideration, I have decided to leave RedState. I think it’s right to explain why. In a Nov. 26 post, Erick listed some basic principles about RedState. The first of which was “you must be pro-life to write on our front page.” Whether this was commonly known or not, it was news to me. Before I go any further, I should get | Read More »

    Why Scientists Sometimes Lie

    The problem with the “scientific consensus” on global warming is that participants in the debate are not objective. In other areas of science, it is assumed without question that researchers will follow the evidence wherever it leads with an open mind that is neutral as to the outcome. That is not the case with global warming. Unlike other scientific questions, the answer to whether humans | Read More »

    Polling Non-Response Rates

    I have been wondering about a unique factor in this year’s polling data. Since a large fraction of people pollsters call refuse to participate, how do pollsters compensate for different response rates from supporters of different candidates? For example, Obama supporters are enthusiastic about him and may want to brag about supporting him, therefore his supporters may be more likely to want to be polled. | Read More »


    Election Prediction

    Here is my official 2008 Presidential election prediction. I know this is correct because my cat told me so.(Hey, It’s all I got.)

    Accountability vs Ideology

    The key word in this election is accountability. Pollster Frank Luntz has found “accountability” to produce by far the largest positive reaction in his focus groups; far more than either “experience” or “change”. People know that Washington has serious problems. Obama is trying to persuade people that the problem is ideology. We had government from the right and it didn’t work out too well. McCain | Read More »

    Obama is Archibald Leach

    On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough asked “why is it that Obama seems so small now?” I think I know. Sen. Obama’s greatest strength was never that he was the most qualified candidate. He doesn’t have much of a resume. It was not his ideology. He’s a left wing guy in a right of center country. His greatest strength was that he was a Star. Only | Read More »

    A Poll of One

    I am a conservative Republican political addict so I watched Sarah Palin’s speech and was overjoyed. The open question is whether she will appeal to people outside the Republican base. By chance, I have an early indication. My girlfriend knows nothing about politics and cares even less. She always votes Democrat because “Republicans are bad”. After the speech, I went into the bedroom. She had | Read More »


    How to Neutralize the Convention Hurricane

    Republicans are agonizing over how to conduct a convention while the gulf coast is being devastated by a Katrina redux hurricane. If the convention goes on as planned, Democrats will start yelling “See! they are ignoring your suffering AGAIN!” On the other hand, if the convention is shortened or downsized, the GOP will loose it’s biggest marketing event. It looks like either way, Republicans are | Read More »

    Was Gov. Tim Kaine too inexperienced to be VP?

    When all the media pundits were predicting Gov. Tim Kaine (D-VA) to be Obama’s running mate, I don’t seem to recall any shouts of outrage that he was too inexperienced to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Since Sarah Palin and Tim Kaine both became Governors in 2006, perhaps someone should ask Sen. Obama: “Why did you think Gov. Kaine was experienced enough to | Read More »

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    What if Gov. Palin had ignored the State Trooper?

    Democrats are trying to play up the allegation that Gov. Sarah Palin acted inappropriately in the firing of a State Trooper who threatened her family. For perspective, imagine if the target of Trooper Wooten’s actions had been someone other than the Governor’s family. Lets assume that a State Trooper, who has no family relationship with the Governor, drives his patrol car while drunk, tasers his | Read More »